LloydyWeb Through the Ages

Version 7 Revision History

v7.1 - January 2007

  • New Photos section
  • Improved print styles
  • Style tweaks

v7.0 - October 2006


  • A simpler and more restricted content scope means that 3Lions and Growth sections have been retired. Any interesting or valuable content from these locations has been moved into a new Vintage section (which replaces the previous Articles section), or added as backdated blog posts.
  • All new About section with completely rewritten content. Previous information about me and this site is now more accessible, and up-to-date!
  • Photos section has also been retired. A new section to replace this content will be launched in a later release.
  • Finally, my few reviews have been pulled into the blog, with a slightly different template meaning I can still provide ratings and item details for each review.
  • The blog is now the true focus of the site, and as such has better and more appropriate categorisation.


  • Designed to work as part of a trilogy of sites: fourtwo.net (for professional news and my portfolio), paulrobertlloyd.com (a general landing page for all things me), and this site, which is my personal space on the web.
  • A much simpler design that can hopefully grow over time, yet one that gives a greater emphasis to site content.


  • Blog upgraded to Movable Type 3.3 allowing posts to be tagged.
  • Improved metadata (including Dublin Core elements).
  • Comments now coComment enabled
  • Microformats are now used extensively throughout the site. See Colophon for more details.

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HeadshotLloydyWeb is the home of Paul Robert Lloyd, a British graphic designer with a passion for web standards and attractive design.

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