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September 1999

Brand Identity for Television: With Knobs On

Brand Identity for Television I first saw this book when I was at the Barbican in London to see “Native Nations” (an exhibition showing photography of American Indians taken by American photographers - or something like that, I wasn’t that interested) and when looking through the book shelves in their shop. In fact I was almost left behind as I was so engrossed in the book but the £45 price tag did made me choke a little. However I couldn’t get the book out of my head, and so I decided to order the book a few months later. I was glad I did.

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Performance and Cocktails

The bands second album following their successful debut album Word Gets Around (V2, 1997). I have always liked their previous stuff such as Local Boy in the Photograph and A Thousand Trees but prior to the release of this album, and in particular the single Just Looking, I was never a big fan of the band.

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