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@media 2006

@media conference delegates

At the end of last week I attended the @media conference in London - the premier web-standards conference held in the UK. Having enjoyed myself so much last year, I was really looking forward to this, but somehow, I have come away feeling a little disappointed with the whole affair.

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Busy (and fun) month ahead

Although June is already pretty much done and dusted (already…?), there is still a little bit of fun coming my way this month.

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I feel so naked!

Bit late to the party on this one, but I thought I’d give CSS Naked Day a go (a great little idea from Dustin Diaz)

For today only (April 5th 2006 - though given time-zones and my laziness, it may hang around a little longer in these parts), I’m letting you see under my CSS clothes and peak at my muscular (semantic) physique.

Like the Four Things meme earlier this year, this event has spread like wildfire. Much as I enjoyed finding out more about those behind my favourite blogs, perhaps CSS Naked Day will prove to be just as positive, and further promote the benefits of clean, structured and semantic mark-up to the masses.

The 'we' in web

Simon, Jon, Milly and Chris

Yesterday saw the inaugural meeting of a yet to be titled Midlands based web community (similar to others such as the BritPack, HappyClog, NEWD etc…). Whilst the turnout was quite small, it felt like a good meeting to help form the foundations of what I hope will become an interesting network to be a part of.

Coincidentally, this came the day after I listened to Molly’s Keynote speech at WE05 in Sydney (thanks to the wonderful WE05 podcast). In her presentation titled ‘State of the Web, 2005’, she concluded (if I’m correct) that we are now seeing the web returning to the original vision of Tim Berners-Lee - that it’s about people and relationships.

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Virtually famous in Langshott

Whilst fixing some css bugs for the next revision of the rdc* theme I had an interesting thought regarding it’s code name - does it rank higher in Google than the village it’s named after?

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Reflecting on @media 2005

In traditional fashion, a week has passed before I can finally bring you my thoughts on what was certainly an interesting and exciting two days in London.

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Rethinking Movable Type

Having read Doug Bowman’s thoughts regarding iPhoto/MT integration, I am of course compelled to think of the possibilities for my own site.

Thinking about it - albeit quickly and without much thought - it would make sense to not only publish my photos using this system, but also publish my (increasingly rare) reviews via MT.

Whilst it suddenly all makes sense, much tinkering and fiddling with Movable Type (that still outputs a blog with calendar problems) may in the end just put me off. But something to think about anyway.

Set your sites on these...

Time for a little update on some recent websites I’ve been involved with me thinks…

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This weekend has, more than any other weekend, seen me glued to this 17” display. Whilst Saturday was pretty wasted in respect that it was fine tuning this blog (and due to Movable Types shortcomings, very slowly and painfully), Sunday has seen me get my system sorted so I can finally preview my increasing number of dynamic sites locally.

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Unmovable Headache

As you may have noticed my new blog continues to become more refined as I understand more fully the system that builds it - Movable Type. However it must be said that, although very flexible, this amount of ‘movement’ can be a right pain in the behind. So far I have had problems with file permissions, calendar tags and category archive pages and I’m sure there will be more glitches to add to this list.

I’m sure the solutions are out there, I’ve found some of them, yet sadly none from within the systems hefty documentation.

New Getaways site now online

Just completed the re-design of the new Getaways website, and my fastest site build yet - completed in just two days! The new site now has two of the bands latest tracks, as well as some new photos which are cracking (and used within the design in fact). So get yourselves over there!

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