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Chuck Bartowski

It’s been a little while since I’ve been excited about a television show, and even longer since I’ve been evangelising about an American series (the last of which turned out to be a total dud). But this weekend I discovered a new televisual addiction, in the form of NBC’s Monday night comedy ‘Chuck’.

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Define 'Distinctive'

Last week the UK began it’s journey into a digital-only televisual age, as the analogue signal for BBC2 was turned off in Whitehaven.

In just four weeks time this small Cumbrian town (the ‘guinea pig’ for a nationwide transition to digital-only transmission) will be the first place in the UK receiving the full gamut of digital television channels in place of the five current analogue ones.

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Answering the call, but who's calling?

The Live Earth logo

So last weekend we witnessed another global entertainment event, this time aimed to raise awareness of ‘a climate in crisis’ - Live Earth. I was originally not going to watch this concert for reasons I will come to later, but my Saturday night turned out to involve looking after a friends dog, so I thought I would give the event a chance (and means I can now base my criticisms on actually experiencing the event).

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Is there Life on Mars?

DCI Gene Hunt and DI Sam Tyler

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology (cough) and a super fast broadband connection, I like many others in the UK today, will be watching the conclusion to Life on Mars (9pm, BBC One).

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The boys are back in town!

Apologies if those of you in the UK are already sick to death of seeing this advert (I’m guessing it’s being shown quite a bit right now), but I’ve just discovered that the ITV Digital Monkey and his friend Al (Johnny Vegas) are back on the telly, this time advertising PG Tips! For those of you outside the UK, let me formally (re)introduce you to Monkey…

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The One to Watch

One of the new BBC One idents

I have a confession to make. Since childhood, I have been a closet fan of television idents (the bits of video that appear whilst a program is being announced). Back in the early nineties, when a channel got a new set of idents, it was a big deal, with all the press reporting on them and casting their opinions. Of course back then, there were only four channels.

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Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

The cast of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Okay, in the spirit of just putting stuff out there as indicated in my last post, this one has been on my ‘to blog’ list for far too long.

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My intention for this post was to write about an irritating advert that is currently running on US TV right now.

Beforehand, I did a quick Google search so that I could link to the product in question. In doing so I found a number of blogs and discussion forums already talking about it and quickly realised that by adding myself to that number, I would be walking into an age old marketing trap.

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Attack of the Clones

Finnish Clones

So there I was passively watching a special edition of the Conan O’Brian show in which he visits Finland. During his visit he was a guest on some television shows, and one immediately caught my eye - Lauantai-illan HUUMAA!! (Saturday Night FEVER!).

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Observations from across the pond

A list of things I’ve noticed whilst living in the States. I will no doubt update this list throughout the coming weeks and months…

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More4 or Less?

If you have Freeview turn to channel 13 now! If you have Sky turn to channel 165 (if Rupert lets you). For cable viewers, tap 166 into your ntl box or 142 if you’re with Telewest. What you shall find is a preview for what I believe to be the most exciting television channel to launch since BBC2 forty years ago . More4 from Channel 4, launches on Monday 10th October.

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Top 5: American TV Shows

Cast of the West Wing

In the same vain Channel 4 ends every weekend churning out another Top 100 program, I too have decided to start something similar - that is to say it’s cheap and requires little thought! So I bring you the first in a weekly series of Top 5’s, yet sadly missing the countless C-list celebrities talking through their behinds! So to start the ball rolling: American TV shows.

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The Office Conclusion - Go Tim!

What a fantastic ending to a great series - made even better by the fact that Tim and Dawn got it together (kind of model my own life on that relationship!). Sadly there will be no more episodes, but then David Brent couldn’t get any worse… could he?

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