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One man and his dog

At the weekend, my mum told me a story about my brother from when we were younger, and I have absolutely no recollection of it what-so-ever.

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Ebony, taken recently by Ben

On Monday, a beloved member of our family sadly nudged us no more. After 8 months battling heart disease (not that you would ever have known) a quick downturn during the weekend meant that Ebony, our 11 year old Afghan Hound was put to sleep.

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A Summer to Remember

If there are two things that I can count on during any given year, they are the non eventful summer that seemingly ends before it starts, and the annual hell that is my birthday. This year, thankfully, it’s all been just a little bit different!

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Introducing Reggie The Rat

Reggie The Rat

This summer has seen our family grow by one.

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It's a small, small world...

Fred Wednesday saw me, Kris and John spending a day at Manchester’s Trafford Center, watching me spend far to many dollars, before hooking up with Lee on the night in Wednesbury.

To my surprise who should I bump into but my Great Great Grandfather by means of his picture being on the wall (that looks remarkably similar to my dad!). Apparently, his name is Frederick Henry Lloyd, and he owned a steelworks in the town.

It really is a strange, yet comforting feeling, and makes this place seem even more like my home, which is good.

Great Aunt Jessamine's 100th

100 years young, and to help celebrate my Great Aunt’s massive family gathered around in Sutton, Surrey. Surrounded by very distant relatives you’ve never met before: “I last saw you when you were this tall” etc., could have been uncomfortable but wasn’t too bad. A good time was had by all - except my dad who was constantly either winging or showing off his new car!!

Got to see the Queens attempt at Happy Birthday, and I must say I wasn’t impressed - a scary photo, photocopied signature - and the telegram; not from the Queen but Alistair Darling, Minister for Work and Pensions!! Very Poor. Will have some photos of this slightly historic event… one day!

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