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Running Kind

Unfortunately, and unlike the previous three years, I will not be participating in this years Great North Run. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before I again take on the gruelling challenge that is running from Newcastle to South Shields. Although it is painful, it is always a great deal of fun.

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Great Manchester Run 2006

Self Portraits of me at every stage of the run

Last weekend I completed the 4th Great Manchester Run. Unlike last year, I didn’t manage to run the full distance. Running is very much a battle of wits, and having stopped midway for a quick toilet break, having made that stop once made it easier to convince myself that I could stop again during the later stages of the race.

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Announcing my 2006 Charity Running Programme

As summer fast approaches, it’s time to kick of the fund raising efforts for the two charity running events I’ve signed up for this year. 2006 is a little different from previous years in that I won’t be running the Great North Run. Hopefully running at a number of smaller events instead, will still give me the opportunity to raise lots of money for charity!

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My Greatest Run (Part 2)

On Tuesday I wrote about my personal achievement at this years Great North Run which was celebrating it’s 25th anniversary year. Unfortunately, with the death of 4 runners (many more than on previous occasions) as well as some organisational annoyances, I couldn’t help but feel that the celebration had been a little soured.

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My Greatest Run (Part 1)

Now that the aches and pains that follow a 13.1 mile run are slowly starting to disappear, time to tell you all about the 25th Great North Run. This year’s anniversary event saw a capacity entrance of 50,000 runners, yet this, coupled with the hot weather brought a number of problems during the day that sadly included the death of 4 men.

BUPA Great North Run 2005 With this in mind, my reflections on the run will be in two parts. Today I will talk about my actual run, a run that I believe has been my best yet. Later this week I want to talk about some of the sadder aspects of the event, but at the same time recall some of my happy memories that I will take from the day. I also plan to tell you all some exciting news regarding my fund-raising for the Bobby Moore Fund.

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LloydyRun 2005: The finishing straight

As this Sunday’s Great North Run looms ever closer, I have finally pulled my finger out and super-charged all efforts to try and reach the magic £500 total I am aiming to raise for the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK.

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Announcing LloydyRun 2005: Raising £500 for the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK

In just over three weeks time, I will once again travelling up to the lovely North-East and running the Great North Run. Starting in Newcastle and finishing by the coast at South Shields, the totally distance is 13.1 miles (a half marathon).

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Great, Great North Run

Yet again I felt the force of insanity and ran the 24th BUPA Great North Run, from Newcastle to South Shields on Sunday. This year I decided upon a strategy for running the race (2 miles running/1 mile off) and together with a cool breeze and a following wind, I felt quite comfortable with the race not seeming to drag on as much as it did the previous year.

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2hrs 52mins - The Great North Run, ran

After arriving in a wet and cold Durham on the Saturday night (but to a warm north-east welcome) - things were not looking too good though for the Sunday. However the taxi-driver assured me that the bad weather was heading south.

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