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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas - or Happy Holidays if you must!

As Christmas Day quickly approaches, I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has read my humble blog over the last year, and for the comments, feedback and support over what has been another interesting 12 months.

My review of 2007 will follow later in the week, but in the meantime, enjoy your holiday parties, be safe, and have a very Merry Christmas!

Santa and Rodolph icons created by ‘LoBoCo’ and available from iStockPhoto

Going to Gotomedia

I’m about to invalidate my recent post titled Goodbye California, as it turns out I’m going to be staying in San Francisco — at least for a little while longer.

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Goodbye California

Coffee shops. Sunshine. The small kick I get from seeing licence number plates with the word ‘California’ emblazoned across them. Badly designed currency. The way female news anchors have large lipstick smiles but deep manly voices. Strangers gleefully saying hello to you on the street. Having to risk your life every time you merge onto a US highway. My name somehow ‘Pool’ yet spelt with an ‘i’, and being mistaken as Australian.

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My British Radar

Well, it seems like only yesterday saw the passing of August and effectively the end of summer and now October is banging on our doors, and about to barge it’s way in. What the hell happened to September? Sure, as you get older, the passage of time quickens, but I’m always surprised by how quickly a year passes.

Whilst this passage is slightly disconcerting, one benefit is that it means the weekends come around quicker - and that probably says a lot about how ‘exciting’ life is here at the moment. So in an attempt to fill the void, I find myself writing another self-indulgent blog post.

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8 Random Things

it looks like my blog has been a little undernourished these last few months, but thanks to Diego tagging me in a meme, I have an excuse to at least post something for the month of September.

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Seven Goals for 2007 - An Update

At the beginning of this year I wrote an entry (Seven Goal for ‘07) in which I set myself seven goals and improvements I wanted to make to my life this year. As we approach the half way point, I wanted to see how much I’ve been able to achieve so far, and what areas I still need to work on.

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Spring Back

Once again I write this blog entry sat on an aeroplane California bound having spent the last week back home in the UK. The official reason for my return was so that I could attend Future of Web Design conference in London, the unofficial reason just the need for a break from stateside living, and a chance to catch up with some sorely missed friends.

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What If... The Result

So, on Monday evening I took the plunge and made my debut speaking engagement at the 20×2 event at SXSW. Luckily, it all came together at the last minute (and I mean last minute) and wasn’t too embarrassing. For those that weren’t there, here it is:

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Time for a Reboot

It’s late Sunday evening, and I’ve just been for a brief walk around the neighbourhood.

This wasn’t however with the intent of checking out the area a little more (although I did find a nice coffee house called Farley’s on 18th). It was more because as I close out this week, I need to think over a few issues that are starting to stir in my mind - it’s time for another mental reboot.

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Welcome to the neighbourhood

Warehouse Boat

So yesterday I finally moved into my new apartment in the Potrero Hill district of San Francisco. In the morning I went on a walk on and around nearby Third Street, and thanks to my new flatmate Tom whose camera I borrowed, I think I managed to capture just some of the inspiring scenery to be found here. In fact I’ve only just scratched the surface, as this place is full of photo opportunities.

See my ‘Welcome to the neighbourhood’ photoset on Flickr

I also just found a nifty little shortcut in iPhoto, that allows you to quickly and easily play around with a photos colour balance. It works by just apple-clicking on any portion of an image - suddenly I feel like I can have some more fun with my photos!

Anyway, I think this change of scenery is really starting to get my creative juices flowing again, and hopefully it’s starting to show!

What If… I was to speak for two minutes at this years SXSW festival?

In just under a months time I will be turning my trousers brown before placing myself upon a small stage and speaking for just 2 minutes at 20×2 v7.0, a small event that takes place during the SXSW Music, Film and Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas.

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Seven Goals for '07

Given that I’m back to work tomorrow morning, and a return to some sort of normality (if you can call any of this existence normal), I just wanted to record a few personal goals I’m aiming for this year…

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Two Thousand and Seven

2006 taught me a valuable life lesson - that aside from making the most of any opportunities that come your way (and I’ve had my fair share of them), you can (and should) create your own opportunities if you are to actually make the most of your time on this Earth.

Right now I almost feel master of my own destiny, and begin 2007 with an incredibly positive attitude (and I think it’s spreading).

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Merry Christmas Everybody!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Seeing as I have not written a single Christmas card this year (pretty unfashionable in the States as it happens), may I take this opportunity to wish all my readers a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2007.

Problems and Attitudes

This year has been eventful. To be more precise, 2006 has been a complete and utter write-off. I know this may seem premature as I write this in mid-November, but regardless how December turns out, it hardly seems like it will make a difference. I say a write-off, but in some respects, it could also be the very making of me. Let me explain.

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Palo Alto 94301

So here I am, one week into the second part of this years Californian adventure. I just wanted to post a quick blog entry to thank everybody for their good wishes over the last week, and to say that I’m enjoying being back. A number of my worries about returning have been unfounded (no great surprise), and it’s great being able to get my grubby hands back on a number of key Ning projects.

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The last six months…

…have been hell. If it wasn’t for the three months I spent in Palo Alto at the beginning of the year (and hopefully the final three months of this when I’m back there), this year could be considered a complete write-off.

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Enough of the plodding, time for some blogging!

I often hear from fellow bloggers, how they have a folder on their desktop full of half written posts intended for their blogs. For me, that folder of files seems to get stuffed in the deepest darkest parts of my brain, but will every so often explode into verbal (but not physically written) prose - usually while in the shower - and then never make it onto the web, for a number of reasons.

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Busy (and fun) month ahead

Although June is already pretty much done and dusted (already…?), there is still a little bit of fun coming my way this month.

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What Respect Agenda?

I’ve just been happy slapped. Whilst making my way down New Street in the centre of Birmingham, late this Thursday afternoon, I found myself walking towards four Asian youths, one moving to the left, and the other three moving to the right. Stepping between this group, I suddenly felt a massive blow to the side of my head before falling to the ground, as the group casually carried on into the depths of the city.

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Signature Tune

To make up for the lack of ‘life commentary’ on this blog these last few weeks, let me allow you to explore my musical tastes, thanks to the wonders of the iTunes Signature Maker

If you don’t see an embedded player, right-click here to download this signature.

Such Great Heights

So here I am, sitting at home in California, typing away a quick blog post on my new 2.16GHz MacBook Pro.

Can life get any better than this - really? :-)

Four Things

Show me a bandwagon and I’ll jump on it! Sadly I haven’t been tagged, but I’ve seen enough blogs that seemingly tag me by mere sight of them, so here goes.

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A Summer to Remember

If there are two things that I can count on during any given year, they are the non eventful summer that seemingly ends before it starts, and the annual hell that is my birthday. This year, thankfully, it’s all been just a little bit different!

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Super Powers

Superman logo As I’m getting older, I’m noticing that I am able to perform more of those certain little tricks that were sadly missing throughout my childhood.

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Mid-October Musings

Just a quick post to remind everyone I’m still here, and make note of a few things that have been happening over the last week or three.

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Ride on

Yesterday I finally got a replacement for my old Raleigh Activator mountain bike - and quite and upgrade too. Check it’s page on the Marin site for it’s specification.

Practically had to re-mortgage a house to buy it, but hopefully worth it in the long ride.

It's my birthday!!!!

Cheers to everyone who came out Friday night (Wednesbury) and Saturday night (Lichfield) to celebrate my 24th birthday. Friday night was a bit crap frankly, considering it was essentially highjacked by Rob. Lichfield was far more enjoyable, especially seeing all those old school photos round Aimeé’s afterwards - if I wasn’t feeling old enough already!

You can't always get what you want

Now I have a slightly greater income (yet still many outstanding debts) my mind is busy creating a shopping list.

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All Change!

It’s totally coincidence that a new version of this website comes about at a time when a lot of things are changing in my life.

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My work referenced!

Having a nose round the old net, I found an article by Marc Friedenberg about Steve Jobs that referenced my essay Beige to Bondi-Blue. First time I’ve seen something like this, but oh what a nice feeling.

Good chance of death this year

Thanks to Kris and his continuing post-oz depression, I seem to have been talked in to joining alongside his New Years Resolution of doing something adventurous/mildly dangerous (in other words - stupid) every month this year - starting February. First on the list is looking like abseiling in North Wales, but soon to be followed by white water rafting, parachute jumping and God knows what else! Should be fun though and help keep my mind of a few things.

Match Report for inter-store match

At last, the inter-store football match has finally been played. Apparently Walsall had been training in the weeks leading up to this match - but Bescot, with a team assembled on the same day trounced them 8-0!

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The Usual Christmas

Christmas Eve my battery died, Christmas Day I got £50 (amongst other things), Boxing Day spent £50 on a new battery - which is just a typical Christmas for me.


Unfortunately I’ve had to make one final return to Carlisle for my Graduation, but I’m pleasantly surprised by the fact I enjoyed it. And it was good to see some old faces again…

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My month of misery

Up until the 10th and a trip to Alton Towers with work, this seemed like a normal pleasant sort of month. After this (at approximately 8pm to be precise) it all went a bit pear shaped.

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The last week of April and this first week of May have seen me getting up at six in the morning and travelling across London to McDonald’s in East Finchley. Not because I was hungry, but because I was doing a two weeks work placement in their Graphic Services department. This was the only option really left to me seeing as all previous attempts to get experience at more reputable companies had failed miserably - that’s you Nikris.

However I had a great time mainly thanks to those I worked with. Cheers guys.

Five-a-side Football Tournament

In order to raise some money for us final year graphic students, a five a side football tournament was arranged, and my links to the college football team came in very useful! This is how it played out.

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