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Three Sullen Faces

Having spent the best part of two years abroad, I’m finding it easier to guess where people come from by their appearance alone. On Monday, as I waited at the airport for my much delayed flight back to the UK, I spotted a family of three sitting across from me in a restaurant.

Gloomy faced, seemingly moaning, and with looks of disgust, they displayed all the characteristics of a typical British family. I tried to sit close enough so I could hear their accents, but these were hard to make our from their muffled grumbling. So upon finishing my meal, I walked past their table on my way out. Sure enough I was right.

Reasons to be Thankful

Americans seem to have a holiday for everything (indeed recent weeks have seen Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day and Halloween), yet I must say I’ve always been a bit partial to the idea of a day of Thanksgiving.

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Exploring New York and San Francisco

You may have noticed the light posting around these parts for the last month or so, largely explained by my current (yet sadly short-lived) ‘jet-set’ lifestyle. A few weeks after my stay in Montréal, I spent ten days touring New York and my home town of San Francisco with my good friend Ellen, who braved the long flight over the Atlantic to come see me in America.

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A Few Days in Montreal

I’m sitting here in my hotel room overlooking a city I have quickly come to love, Montréal.

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Falling in Love with Austin

Just a quick post (at 4:45am CDT) as I’m feeling a little guilty that I’m behind on my blog posting (plus I can’t sleep due to anxiety about this evenings 20×2 performance).

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A Weekend in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Blvd Street Sign

I guess I’ve let a little too much time pass without adding a blog post… so much for that new years resolution goal.

I haven’t got a lot to say to be fair, having finally recovered from a cold that’s knocked me out for the last two weeks. But it had dawned on me, that only four weeks into 2007, I have already managed to cover a fair bit of ground.

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Moblogging in New York

Last week I upgraded my phone to the lastest Sony Ericsson - the K800i. This is the fifth Sony Ericsson phone I have owned (previous models being the T68i, T610, K750i, W800i), which I think says a lot about how much I love the design of both the user interface and the phones themselves.

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When in Rome…

St. Peters Basilica, The Vatican

St. Peters Basilica, The Vatican

A couple of weeks ago, in a rare break away from my computer monitor, I spent a week in Rome with Nancy (a friend from Ning) and her sister. It has only taken me 25 years to set foot on the continent, and boy was it an eye-opening experience.

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(Do you know the way to) San José


Last Saturday I took myself into San José, the self-proclaimed capital of Silicon Valley. This city lies at the foot of the peninsula, and about 50 miles south of San Francisco. Like me, you may be surprised to learn that this city is not only the 10th largest in the US, but also more populated than it’s more famous Bay Area counterpart, San Francisco. According to the FBI, it is also America’s safest city.

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These Old Shoes

My old trainers

I can’t help but feel that this blog is getting a little self-involved. So instead I want to talk not about me, but a pair of old trainers, that after 3 years of loyal service are going into retirement.

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Catching Up: New Photos on Flickr

The Creamery, Palo Alto

The Creamery, Palo Alto - December 2005

Okay, now that I’m back to just the one job a day (more about that in my next post) I am slowly starting to catch up with myself!

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Why does it always rain on me?

Things are getting extremely weird round these parts. Anyway lets start from the top.

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Johnny, Yanky, Blondie

Sadly not able to be smug anymore as Sydney has been raining pretty much all weekend plus - luckily Cairns has never experienced rain I think, so still a chance for some sort of tan (or more likely third degree burns!).

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Go Johnny Johnny!!!

Wow what a day! Asked earlier by Fordy if I thought this trip had made any impression on me and I said no not really - its just like being in England but much sunnier.

However, about half an hour ago me and Kris went to sort out a little end of trip vacation to Cairns (North Oz, Great Barrier Reef, very very hot… you get the idea). After trying to communicate with someone at STA with a very poor grasp of the English language, I walked out with Kris not far behind.

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I Don't Care What the Weather Man Says

Just a quick update on the last few days. Basically the weather forecasters are extremely poor at their jobs because seeing as it has supposed to have been raining pretty much everyday since I got here I aint seen none. Well okay - I lie - two spots of rain (you think I’m joking!)

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My first few days in Sydney

Welcome to the second instalment of “Are you jealous yet?” So what have I been up to so far? Here’s a quick rundown:-

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Live from Sydney!

I’ve only been here about half a day now, and half of that has been spent in this internet cafe trying to sort out a group e-mailing list!

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