A Weekend in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Blvd Street Sign

I guess I’ve let a little too much time pass without adding a blog post… so much for that new years resolution goal.

I haven’t got a lot to say to be fair, having finally recovered from a cold that’s knocked me out for the last two weeks. But it had dawned on me, that only four weeks into 2007, I have already managed to cover a fair bit of ground.

First there was London, then Holland (be it a one night stop in hotel, thanks to another of my famed flight related cock-ups), and here the US, the Napa Valley (a popular wine region north of San Francisco), and a weekend in Las Vegas. Not bad going hey!

Las Vegas

Unfortunately, Vegas wasn’t as much fun as it perhaps could of been, thanks to the aforementioned cold that was in full force during my time there - but I’m pretty sure it’s not my sort of place.

Essentially a road of hotels, you stay in one hotel to go and visit other hotels. Yes, they have their themes (and various other gimmicks), but having seen one, you really have seen them all. It really felt like the worst of America all in one location. This was confirmed for me when inside the Luxor I found that you could enter a competition to win a bright yellow Hummer! If I was to win that, I would happily drive it off a cliff!

The one reason I would return to Vegas however is for the shows, and on the Saturday night I went to see Second City - a popular Chicago comedy improv troupe that play at the Flamingo - and this was a definite highlight of the weekend. The Beatles LOVE, a Cirque du Soleil performance currently playing at the Mirage is definitely on my to-do list.

Going to SXSW

Finally, I heard last week that I will finally be making the trip to this years SXSW event in Austin, TX this coming March. I have been wanting to visit this Film, Music and Interactive festival for some years, so I’m really looking forward to this one! Better still, I will be joined by a few Ning folks too, in fact it’s a bit of a company outing.


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 Gravatar#1 On January 30, 2007 2:55 AM, darthlawb said...

So any detail your omitting from your Las Vegas trip? You know what they say "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!"

 Gravatar#2 On January 30, 2007 5:15 AM, Phill said...

Hey Paul,

I guess it depends on who you are that determines your opinion of Vegas......I spent 2 weeks there in Jan 06 and had a really good time.....Yeah, there's the seedy aspect of Vegas (but who doesn't love a bit of porn shoved in their face every now and again, plus the wife can't complain at me! (Double Bonus))!

Vegas is like stepping into fantasy land (or fake land depending on your perception) where nothing ever closes, the alcohol never stops flowing, people do (almost) anything to please you. Add to that, the free shows, 'the hotels on the strip', the amazing food and the totally unique experiences that only Vegas can offer.

Is this real life? NO! But who wants real life when they're on vacation? I was glad (like you!) to come home after my 2 week stay but you know what? I want to go back and do it again!

 Gravatar#3 On January 30, 2007 9:58 AM, Paul said...

@Lewis: I'm convinced that phrase is a clever marketing coup by the Las Vegas people, to give people the impression that what happens in Vagas, only happens in Vegas. This is not true, you can find stupid drunks up until all hours in any major UK city!

@Phill: TWO WEEKS??? Phill, I urge you to move out of Texas as soon as possible, it is obviously having an effect on you if you consider a 'vacation' in Las Vegas for two weeks enjoyable! And the food was pretty average, I saw no free shows (unless you include the countless Elvis impersonators), and the experiences that aren't really that unique, just a bit cheap really.

 Gravatar#4 On January 30, 2007 4:16 PM, Phill said...

Paul, Your talking to a guy from a working class family who used to vacation in Blackpool and Great Yarmouth so to me Vegas was amazing. If it had been my first visit to the USA, I would have believed I was dreaming.

As for Free shows:

  • The Bellagio fountains
  • The Living fountains (The Forum Shops)
  • The Show In The Sky (The Rio)
  • The Pirate Show (Treasure Island)
  • The Circus (Circus Circus)
  • Live Music Acts (Somewhere on the strip I can't remember exactly where it was)
  • Downtown Vegas and the Laser Show!
  • The Chocolate fountain inside the Bellagio! (Inside some shop)
  • The Ferrai Dealership inside the Form shops! (Come on! You must appreciate good cars)
  • The Canal’s inside the Venetian (Unique?)

The exterior of the hotels are also unique in themselves (enough that a guy from Walsall, England could appreciate - I’m talking about me as well).

What’s not to appreciate about a giant glass pyramid? Or a hotel that’s made up of the new York skyline? There must be some appeal because you took photo’s of them! Got you on that one! Who else takes photo’s of hotels on vacation????

Even if your argument is that they are cheesy, did you check out the Mirage, Bellagio and the Wynn? Those hotels are classy and would rank top marks if they were located in any other place than Vegas.

As for the food, I'd love to know which buffets you've been to in Bloxwich that offer food from all around the world under one roof! The buffet at Paris ranks very highly for a cheap price, they have world class chef’s preparing that food every day!

So come on Paul, your not that spoiled in California that you don’t appreciate some of the aspects of Vegas, perhaps you went to the wrong places at the wrong times?

I’m not trying to be the pariah of Vegas either, it does get a little too much after a while but there is definitely no reason to call it horrid. I’m sure that for the right people it could be considered paradise but after all, who wants to live in the real world anyway? You do live in California for that matter!!!!!!!!

Just a bit of friendly banter for you to consider.



 Gravatar#5 On January 31, 2007 2:35 AM, Paul said...

Hey Phill, thanks for contributing to the conversation. It's an interesting one, and one that I've had with many people over the last week since my visit.

Now, I'm fully aware that I was in a pretty down sort of mood during my weekend in Vegas, thanks to my damn cold - which may have effected my taste buds too. However, nearly everybody I have spoken to agree that Vegas is a great party destination, but somewhere you wouldn't want to spend more than a weekend at.

It's certainly an entertaining destination, but my point is, that you reach a certain point where no matter how outlandish a hotel is, it all kind of loses it's appeal. You know what they say, when everybody's shouting you have to wisper to be heard. Well there's no wispering in Vegas, and I got a headache.

I'm glad you enjoyed your time there however, but I really don't think it's my scene at all. Put it this way, the best experience I took from my month in Australia, wasn't the beaches, the nights out, the weather or all of the other great stuff from that particular trip, but the day that I took myself on a walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and soaked in the landscape. Simple pleasures I guess.

Good to hear from you though mate, hope things are going well for you in 2007.


 Gravatar#6 On January 31, 2007 5:45 AM, Kris said...

I can see what Paul is saying as being present myself during his time in Australia, 13’000 miles away from home amongst all the wonderful beaches, parties, wildlife and scenery. I couldn't help but put myself inside a nice small part of London ;o)

Sometimes ya just need those home 'comforts'

 Gravatar#7 On February 1, 2007 6:03 AM, Phill said...

Sorry for the lack of a timley response on this one, been very busy these past few days and forgot about this discussion.

I take your point on Vegas, that everything is so loud and in your face! The truth is though, that if your not shouting, it's very hard to get heard in Vegas. It's just the nature of the place -- kind of like Ibiza is to Europe (never been there though so this is just a guess). Wish you had seen the waterfall at the Wynn though, I do think you'd have been impressed!

Anyway, I guess that's my rant on Vegas finished. Hopefully I'm going back again this year, staying at the MGM Grand again (Top Hotel!)


On a side note: My new job is going good right now, a promotion may be in the works but someone would have to loose their job first! Hopefully that won't happen cause I like the guy I work for! But to be made the IT director after just 3 months would be an amazing feat!

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