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Whose Space?

I’ve held my tongue on MySpace for far too long, so let this be the first of many complaints I have about this service.

A few weekends ago, my friend Ellen asked me to help her customise her MySpace page. After giving her my rant about why MySpace is all kinds of wrong, I agreed to help her out. I refuse to have a MySpace account out of principle1, so I’ve never tried to customise a MySpace page, but I did know that it’s not the most intuitive of processes. That night provided all the confirmation I needed that this is indeed the case.

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Valley Speak

Two recent conversations have revealed to me my inner cynicism for web2.0 and all that surrounds me in the valley.

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If SXSW made beer, it would probably be the best beer in the world

Before leaving for the airport, I sat in an isolated part of the Convention Center and felt a huge part of me not wanting to leave. I have been to a few conferences now, but SXSW is a stand out favourite.

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Project 365 - Taking one photo each day during 2007

It’s not a new or particularly novel concept - taking and selecting a photo to mark each day, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while. Seeing as I already have a photo from the first three days of this year, I’ve decided to commit myself to recording 2007 by taking a photo each day, a concept commonly known as “Project 365”.

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Moblogging in New York

Last week I upgraded my phone to the lastest Sony Ericsson - the K800i. This is the fifth Sony Ericsson phone I have owned (previous models being the T68i, T610, K750i, W800i), which I think says a lot about how much I love the design of both the user interface and the phones themselves.

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One Year Stories

A lot has happened in the last year, and October seems to be a month for celebrating anniversaries. On the first of this month, the Multipack reached the one year milestone, having had a successful 12 months, adding 83 members to the original four who met up in Walsall a year earlier, and hosting the first annual Geek in the Park in August. The beginning of October 2005 also saw the public unveiling of Ning, and before the month was out, I started my relationship with this company.

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When geeks come out to play...

Geek in the Park logo

Organised by Trevor Morris, and presented by the Multipack, next month (August 27th) sees the first annual Geek in the Park:

Geek in the Park is a day-long get together, picnic, and discussion for anyone to do with the Internet (developers, designers, programmers… whatever!). This is a very informal affair so family and friends are very much welcome to attend too.

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The 'we' in web

Simon, Jon, Milly and Chris

Yesterday saw the inaugural meeting of a yet to be titled Midlands based web community (similar to others such as the BritPack, HappyClog, NEWD etc…). Whilst the turnout was quite small, it felt like a good meeting to help form the foundations of what I hope will become an interesting network to be a part of.

Coincidentally, this came the day after I listened to Molly’s Keynote speech at WE05 in Sydney (thanks to the wonderful WE05 podcast). In her presentation titled ‘State of the Web, 2005’, she concluded (if I’m correct) that we are now seeing the web returning to the original vision of Tim Berners-Lee - that it’s about people and relationships.

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The Art of Podcasting

When iTunes 4.9 was released a few months ago (yes, this is a very belated post), it finally included support for download and playback of Podcasts. With this new method of delivery, so it became important for podcasters to supply album artwork that would be displayed in the application and throughout the iTunes Music Store.

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My Contribution

Get Firefox!

As Mozilla’s Firefox quickly approaches 1.0, there’s a campaign currently running to spread the word. A simple task you would think, when this browser blocks pop-ups, spy-ware and other malicious software. And these features are not recent additions, they are at the core of the application. With it’s Ad-Block extension, allowing you to browse sites without having to see a single banner add (be it an image or flash), it’s also totally standards compliant - which may upset the standards slackers at OrangeVision, but makes the web far easier to design for.

Do yourself a favour and at least give it a go - I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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