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Travis: Selfish Jean Video

Travis + Demetri Martin = Awesome!

Signature Tune

To make up for the lack of ‘life commentary’ on this blog these last few weeks, let me allow you to explore my musical tastes, thanks to the wonders of the iTunes Signature Maker

If you don’t see an embedded player, right-click here to download this signature.

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Do They Know It's Christmas

Back to Bedlam

It’s only April, but I think I have already found the musical highlight of 2005, in the shape of ‘Back to Bedlam’, from James Blunt.

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Hopes and Fears

Every year it seems one new band becomes the spotlight of the mainstream press and are touted as the next big thing with their debut album. Previous years have seen the emergence of The Darkness, Coldplay, Travis and Stereophonics in this manner, before not fading into obscurity, but certainly no longer the focus of such fascination.

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Meeting Pete Williams & Khuli Mpunzi

For a self-directed project as part of my degree, I decided to produce a new music magazine that featured a CD-ROM interview and accompanying video featuring my friend and great up-and-coming music producer, Khuli Mpunzi. During the day he introduced me to Pete Williams (formerly a member of Dexys Midnight Runners) and as such I got to spend a day with two people enthusiastic about music.

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The Man Who

One of the great successes of last year was Travis. Like most people I had heard of the band before, mainly because of their first major success in the form of ‘Tied to the Nineties’ from the last album ‘Good Feeling’ and also as a support band at some of Oasis’s gigs.

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The Magic Treehouse

I first heard of Ooberman in late 98 on the Mark Radcliffe Show when Shorley Wall was record of the week. It was like nothing I ever heard before, a song made of just pure emotion, and like all good songs, had a great tune and smashing lyrics to boot.

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Performance and Cocktails

The bands second album following their successful debut album Word Gets Around (V2, 1997). I have always liked their previous stuff such as Local Boy in the Photograph and A Thousand Trees but prior to the release of this album, and in particular the single Just Looking, I was never a big fan of the band.

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