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One of the great successes of last year was Travis. Like most people I had heard of the band before, mainly because of their first major success in the form of ‘Tied to the Nineties’ from the last album ‘Good Feeling’ and also as a support band at some of Oasis’s gigs.

The Man Who This album is completely different from the first (although I have only heard the first album briefly so this could be wrong). As I remember, the first had a more rocky feel in places as well as a few songs that that sounded as if they could possibly be from this album. ‘The Man Who’ seems to carry a similar feeling as you listen to it, but that’s not to say it all sounds the same. In fact those songs that you often skip on any other album, you feel compelled to listen to on this.

The best tracks are the singles ‘Writing To Reach You’, ‘Driftwood’, ‘Why Does It Always Rain on Me’ and ‘Turn’, but the tracks ‘As You Are’ and ‘The Last Laugh Of The Laughter’ as well as the bonus track are all worthy of a mention. So of the 11 tracks, that’s 7, with the rest all worth listening too, so if you haven’t got this album, why not? After all this album wasn’t a platinum selling No. 1 album for nothing!

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Nigel Godrich

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The Man Who

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