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Answering the call, but who's calling?

The Live Earth logo

So last weekend we witnessed another global entertainment event, this time aimed to raise awareness of ‘a climate in crisis’ - Live Earth. I was originally not going to watch this concert for reasons I will come to later, but my Saturday night turned out to involve looking after a friends dog, so I thought I would give the event a chance (and means I can now base my criticisms on actually experiencing the event).

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Farewell Mr. Blair

Tony Blair

So the date the Prime Minister will finally be leaving office has been announced, and his successor (thanks no doubt to his iron fist) is all but crowned.

Prime Ministers are such a part of day-to-day life, that when they change, it prompts you to reflect on their period of office, and how their tenure effected your own life.

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War on Peace

War demo in Palo Alto

At an anti (Iraq) war demo in Palo Alto:

Thanks for your support sir! All the best to you and your children!
I don’t have any children…
Demonstrator (walking away)
Son of a bitch!
Second Bystander
Hey, watch your language!
Demonstrator (aggressive)
What did you say?
Second Bystander
There was no call for that…

…and before the fight begins the police step in!

And you wonder why the US has trouble ‘liberating’ Iraq.

David Cameron

Photo of David Cameron

On Tuesday, the Conservative Party elected their 4th leader since John Major was defeated at the 1997 general election. David Cameron ran a faultless campaign that saw him come from seemingly nowhere to claim an outstanding victory. He beat his final round rival David Davies in a ballot of party members by a ratio of 2:1.

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My Three Point Plan: Think, Act, That's It!

As we rapidly approach the end of the year, so can begin some reflection of 2005. With this in mind, I wish to mull over, a topic that has really grabbed my imagination this year - that of taking personal responsibility for the planet we live on and the economic and political environments that govern us.

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A gr8 time to start taking notice

G8 leaders at the 2004 summit, Sea Island, USA

A bad habit of mine is that I often tend to neglect blogging my thoughts and views regarding the big issues of the day, even given my usual strong opinions. This is something I’m aiming to rectify and what better place to start: 30,000 children dying a day, needlessly.

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 Do politics. Vote on May 5th If you live in an elected dictatorship, don’t vote for the dictator. So that’s Labour out of the equation then. But this May 5th, who should I vote for, and should I even vote at all?

As we head in to the final week of campaigning, I way up the choices, and try to convince myself that my vote actually counts.

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We're all doomed…

With Bush re-elected, we can now look forward to another 4-years of an idiot leading the free world. So that’s a war in Iran and further global ignorance (be it environmental or political), but hey, at least we get four more years of great comedy.

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