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And the winner is...

Winning de-lurk quote, as pulled out of a hat Last month I decided to do a little bit of de-lurking, and as part of that I also ran a little contest alongside it.

I asked those commenting on this post to give me their favourite quote - be it their own or one they’ve heard.

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De-lurk and win a £20 iTunes Gift Certificate!

My Feedburner stats tell me I have around 50 subscribers to my feed. My site stats suggest that I get a fair few unique visitors to this site everyday. However I don’t see that many comments on my posts to justify these numbers. In the same vein as Veerle and Roger, I think it’s time to ‘de-lurk’!

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Moblogging: Results

So, as I indicated in a previous post, my trip to New York earlier this week was a good opportunity to try out the ‘Blog This’ feature of my new Sony Ericsson K800i, and I guess the whole concept of keeping a moblog as well. Here are some of my thoughts from this experiment.

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Monkey Business

Web Design. So easy even a monkey can do it!

Sunday evening finally saw the launch of a completely rewritten version of LloydyWeb - the seventh incarnation of this site. You can read a brief outline of what’s new here, and a run down of some of the technology that drives it, is described in the Colophon. Needless to say, given that the previous site had been around for over two years, the code is massively improved upon (and bursting at the seems with microformats), and I’d like to think the design is a little more up-to-date with current trends too.

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I feel so naked!

Bit late to the party on this one, but I thought I’d give CSS Naked Day a go (a great little idea from Dustin Diaz)

For today only (April 5th 2006 - though given time-zones and my laziness, it may hang around a little longer in these parts), I’m letting you see under my CSS clothes and peak at my muscular (semantic) physique.

Like the Four Things meme earlier this year, this event has spread like wildfire. Much as I enjoyed finding out more about those behind my favourite blogs, perhaps CSS Naked Day will prove to be just as positive, and further promote the benefits of clean, structured and semantic mark-up to the masses.

Paul's blog still 1.0

Reasons why may not make the flight back home.

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