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Goodbye California

Coffee shops. Sunshine. The small kick I get from seeing licence number plates with the word ‘California’ emblazoned across them. Badly designed currency. The way female news anchors have large lipstick smiles but deep manly voices. Strangers gleefully saying hello to you on the street. Having to risk your life every time you merge onto a US highway. My name somehow ‘Pool’ yet spelt with an ‘i’, and being mistaken as Australian.

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Finally, A Ning To Be Proud Of

Ning At last, I’m able to grab a spare few minutes and get round to talking about the all new Ning that we launched almost three weeks ago. In that time, I have heard lots of positive feedback from people at SXSW, and the ever increasing collection of reviews and reactions you can find online. However I want to talk a little about the project from a more personal perspective.

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4am Miracle

Today we launched onto an unassuming world, the full glory of an all new Ning. I want to go into some more detail, especially from a personal perspective, as what this new product means to me, and talk about my feeling towards it (in short, I couldn’t be prouder). But given it’s 4am, that will have to wait until tomorrow.

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Work With Me!


2007 is set to be an exciting year at Ning, with the launch (and continual development) of a product we have spent the last couple of months beavering away on, as well as a host of other improvements to the platform.

All this work requires a large amount of design, almost too much for our small team to handle at times. That’s why we’re now on the look out for a talented designer/web-developer, who can join us full time in sunny Palo Alto, California.

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One Year Stories

A lot has happened in the last year, and October seems to be a month for celebrating anniversaries. On the first of this month, the Multipack reached the one year milestone, having had a successful 12 months, adding 83 members to the original four who met up in Walsall a year earlier, and hosting the first annual Geek in the Park in August. The beginning of October 2005 also saw the public unveiling of Ning, and before the month was out, I started my relationship with this company.

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Busy (and fun) month ahead

Although June is already pretty much done and dusted (already…?), there is still a little bit of fun coming my way this month.

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A Goodbye Drink

Back Row: Tim, Me, Martin, Alexei, Diego, Mike, Brian, Nancy and Scott.
Front Row: Athena and Jermaine

Slightly later than I was hoping in writing this post, but before I get too accustomed to life back in damp, dull and dreary England, I wanted to publicly thank the whole team at Ning who made my three month stay in Palo Alto perhaps the most exciting and enjoyable period of my (sheltered) life to date.

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That Ning Thing

The new Ning homepage

Last week saw the long awaited launch of a redesigned Ning. This is a project I have been involved with since November last year, so to finally have it out there in the wild is an achievement both I and the whole team at Ning are extremely proud of.

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My Journey So Far

Ning logo As of this week I am no longer an employee of Orange Vision Ltd, but working for Ning, Inc. where I am now a Senior Designer (currently as a full-time consultant). Yeah that’s right - Ning, Inc. of Palo Alto, California. It doesn’t take a genius to realise what a fantastic opportunity this is, and one I don’t think I have fully come to terms with, and perhaps never will!

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