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Introducing Merry Miller

This has to be the most painful funniest thing I’ve seen all year!

(Via Kyle)

Murphy's Lesser Known Laws

I don’t usually never post comical e-mails I’ve received to this site, but I think this site needs some cheering up of late (and the Comical category is looking a little sad right now), so may I present Murphy’s Lesser Known Laws…

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The Movies of Ken Korda

Being a massive fan of The Adam & Joe Show, it was a happy day when I discovered Adam Buxton’s blog. Better still, over the last few weeks he has been uploading some short interviews he made with Ken Korda for The Last Word on More4.

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Merry Christmas from Morrisons

Come on guys, seriously. It’s November the 9th?


Sadly the final ‘Mark and Lard’ show on Radio 1. Though I tend not to listen as much as I used to, they will still be very much missed. Many an art lesson was spent listening to these two chancers, as were afternoons in Carlisle when I should have been doing something probably far more important. It really was the biggest show - cheers guys!


Went to the newly opened Bullring shopping center in Birmingham today, and I must say I was very impressed. To me, the city makes more sense now - like it’s finally been joined up.

Much thought has been given to the way in which it merges into New Street and High Street, and remaining sixties relics such as the Rotuna begin to look nice again. Furthermore, St. Martins Church is now in a far more aesthetically pleasing setting, and no longer hidden amongst a sprawling concrete mess.

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