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I first heard of Ooberman in late 98 on the Mark Radcliffe Show when Shorley Wall was record of the week. It was like nothing I ever heard before, a song made of just pure emotion, and like all good songs, had a great tune and smashing lyrics to boot.

The Magic Treehouse This was later followed by the singles Blossoms Falling, Million Suns, and Tears From a Willow. However these weren’t as big a hits as the band would of liked, and in the case of Million Suns, resulted in the release of this album being put back.

Ooberman origins can be traced from their Bradford beginnings when three 15 year old school mates Andy Flett (guitar), his brother Steve Flett (bass), and Danny Poppelwell (lead vocals) began a band from Andy Flett’s garage. However, when they realised that they couldn’t play their instruments or write good music, they gave up and all went of to university.

But the idea never died, and with Danny in Liverpool, and Andy in Birmingham the vision, as described on the bands website that of “A beast that would emerge from the slime of indie; that would turn popular music on its head with a cocktail of emotional warmth, majestic choruses, intelligent lyrics, pseudo-classical arrangements, massive live shows and the odd bollock shaking rockout”. Bring to this vision the additional talents of Sophia Churney (vocals and keyboards) and Alan Kelly (drums) and the beast that became known as Ooberman was born.

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The Magic Treehouse

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