Review: Hopes and Fears

Every year it seems one new band becomes the spotlight of the mainstream press and are touted as the next big thing with their debut album. Previous years have seen the emergence of The Darkness, Coldplay, Travis and Stereophonics in this manner, before not fading into obscurity, but certainly no longer the focus of such fascination.

Hopes and Fears Upon hearing the first single ‘Somewhere Only we Know’, I was hooked onto the Piano heavy tune, and my decision to buy the album secured with hearing the second single ‘Everybody’s Changing’, which has easily got be one of the best tracks of 2004.

What about the rest of the album. Having had it playing in my car relentlessly for well over a month says a lot in itself. Worthy of mention is ‘Bend and Break’, as are many of the tracks on the first half of the album. However after this, there seems to be a loss of momentum, and I continually find myself rewinding back to the beginning after track 6 or 7.

Overall a good album, with a few stand out tracks, but pretty much more of the same.

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Produced by:
Andy Green and Keane
Island Records

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Hopes and Fears

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