My first few days in Sydney

Welcome to the second instalment of “Are you jealous yet?” So what have I been up to so far? Here’s a quick rundown:-


After sorting out our accommodation, we went for a quick tour of Darling Harbour and Glebe (the village where i’m staying), had a bit of breakfast in ‘The Spot’ cafe - very nice.

Around midday I was seen running (and bouncing) down Glebe Point Road shouting YEAH - IM IN F***ING AUSTRALIA - much to the amusement of the locals, but they seemed pleased their beautiful country has that sort of effect on a Pohm!

Luckily me and Katie seemed to arrive at the start of a sunny period (believe it or not it does rain here - although i haven’t seen any yet!) so went to Jubilee Park with Kris to catch up on the last three months and start my tansunburn. A game of pool a little later in ‘The Excelsior’, before getting back to the hostel where I basically hit my bed like a sack of spuds at 6pm and was out like a light until 6ish the next morning!


God was it sunny! My left ear looks like a slice of bacon at the moment due to some excessive sunburn in those areas I forgot to cover up! Went down to Circular Quay (seeing the Sydney Opera House in the distance is when you suddenly realise your in Australia!) before catching a ferry to Manly. It was soo hot, and so where the ladies to be fair! So did all the beach stuff - swim, perve, get buried etc!


Today I went down to the aquarium and saw a crocodile - wow! Also got to see some sort of female fishes naughty bits. he he he! You can tell I wasn’t reading much info on these things, but apparently they swim! Then went down into a pub to play some more pool.

It hasn’t been as sunny and we are expecting some rain tomorrow, and when it rains its supposed to rain! But it was still very hot.

Kris and John

Fordy seems to have the hostel sussed “yeah - you can get your clothes washed for free at the hostel… at night… if you remove this piece of sheet metal and force open this door…” and “you can get free net access… at night… if you hook up my laptop to this phone line…” Dodgy git!

Meanwhile Kris seems to know the location of every trip switch and is now in charge of the table tennis tournament. Is it purely coincidence he’s in every final???

This is my first holiday ever abroad so to be fair I’m like a big kid - this is sooo much fun! The hostle is getting a bit hard to adjust to though. Everyone seems to be staring at each other, but this is due to he fact that everyone’s stoned - which isn’t very clever kids!

I’m getting to know a few of Kris and John’s mates - basically those who have stayed in Glebe longer than a week. Tonight sees us go down to the Lizard Lounge on Oxford Street, where a guy from the hostel (Adam) is a DJ.

The education bit!

Boys and girls - a quick guide to the Commonwealth of Australia! It’s a funny old country - like a cross between the US and blighty. Everything is the same but different:

  • Walls ice cream - Streets
  • Vauxhall - Holden
  • Walkers Crisps - Lays
  • Burger King - Hungry Jack’s
  • KFC burgers dont have a hash brown but a slice of pineapple
  • Don’t have pints but scooners (smaller)
  • They are big on ID in pubs here, so today I got ID’d twice for drinking a coke! Luckily my beard is starting to make some headway!
  • Pedestrians are a dying breed - when the green man is lit cars can still drive across zebra crossings!!!

Anyway I’ve been busted on my use of the internet, so got to go.

Catch you later - you jealous buggers!

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