Go Johnny Johnny!!!

Wow what a day! Asked earlier by Fordy if I thought this trip had made any impression on me and I said no not really - its just like being in England but much sunnier.

However, about half an hour ago me and Kris went to sort out a little end of trip vacation to Cairns (North Oz, Great Barrier Reef, very very hot… you get the idea). After trying to communicate with someone at STA with a very poor grasp of the English language, I walked out with Kris not far behind.

Seemingly Kris fell at the first hurdle, “its gunna be too much hassle, I have no money” etc etc being a boring git) and bottled it. Me however, very out of character decided to try another STA and booked myself onto a return flight to Cairns for four days, before a return to Sydney (and back to Brum via Dubai).

I know that would never have happened before, so maybe this little experience in a not so strange part of the world may have made some impression. Lets hope its lasting, and my experience in Cairns is not one of being burnt to a crisp, and sleeping under a bus shelter! And lets face - with my luck - it could happen! Gotta see that reef!!

However this does mean that I will be returning to the UK minus Mr Benbow, and I fully expect him to delay his departure from Oz as late as possible before his sisters birthday. Sorry folks if that disappoints you. It also means me missing out on that Thai ‘massage’ but to be fair, due to the technicalities of trying to actually book flights together for a return to the UK in December (peak) and re-arranging two different types of airline tickets was impossible.

Anyway - back to the here and now. What else has this trip taught me? Snoring Germans - the best way to shut the buggers up is too kick ‘em - you think I’m joking? Seriously in an 8 bed dorm its the only way to get some kip! Learnt that of a group of Irish guys in my dorm. Quite funny as they were only supposed to be here one night, but they keep waking up at about 11am the next day (to late to check-out without paying a fee) and so decide to stay another night (before going back to sleep)! So far they’ve been here about 4 days!!!

The arsehole Iranian has left too who was on the bunk above me, and last night with the snooring git across the room gone too - i had perfect sleeping conditions required to shift the stinking hangover I had achieved from watching the England match at the official supporters bar in Darling Harbour.

That was such a good night, and there was a TV crew from ITV there too - so let me know you’ve spotted me on the telly!!!

Basically the last couple of days has seen a change of direction in this old holiday. After spending the first two weeks mainly with Fordy and Katie, the arguing/wrestling got to much to bare. Now with Kris finished work (ie more drinking and ****ing time) I’ve also discovered the pleasures of ‘BOX’ (cheap wine) and 6 bottles of New (Tooheys New - nobody drinks Fosters here - yet another myth) and how quickly you get to know everyone with prolonged drinking of the stuff!

The group I’m getting increasingly more pissed with is mainly the English!! 29 year old Mike is worthy of a mention - a funny pisshead - he starts the chanting at the matches (for both teams!) and when not falling arse over tit into flower beds he’s just laughing to himself.

Kris continues to cement the group together by making an arse of himself - the wearing of a ‘donkey thong’ given to him by Gosling and pretty much nothing else (er socks), whilst playing a game of ping pong - more than the one ball seen bouncing around!!! (Don’t worry - I have pictures… which worries me slightly)

And then there is the long long walk back from the city, half of it spent pushing a trolley back containing one woman - I’m bound by contract not to discuss the rest of Kris’s night, but I will say this. She’s 18!

And oh yeah - saw Stephen Fry whilst I was walking about Darling Harbour a couple of nights ago - The IF (film) Awards were taking place there. The security guy named all the celebs that were attending - er, sorry mate who is Brian Brown? Dave Smith? Look mate I saw Stephen Fry - I’m happy!

So here I am half way through my trip now, just the Blue Mountains to see, still yet to set foot on the harbour bridge - plan to cross that and climb one of the pylons soon! And of course next Saturday - the Rugby Final - the Pohm’s against those peesky Aussies. Can’t have my breakfast at The Spot now without getting some proper banter - oh look its the English - were gunna bring your Johhny Wilkinson down!!!! I think the Wallabies game plan is well and truly out in the open!

Also booked myself for a hair cut next week - and we ain’t talking short back and sides! The beard is now very wirely, and is that sideburns I can see also!

I think that’s about it - keep the e-mails coming people, because no matter how hot and sunny it is over here, I do miss home (you’ve only been there two weeks?). Just to drink real coffee again, and know the actual value of the crap I’m buying!

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