I Don't Care What the Weather Man Says

Just a quick update on the last few days. Basically the weather forecasters are extremely poor at their jobs because seeing as it has supposed to have been raining pretty much everyday since I got here I aint seen none. Well okay - I lie - two spots of rain (you think I’m joking!)

Also let me dispell a small myth about Australia. That myth is Bondi Beach. Oh yeah, the surf is cool and the sand - is well, sandy (give or take the odd fag stub and plastic bag flying into your face) - but let me put it this way - its like a sunny version of Blackpool. I will not lie or deceive you. Bondi? Your not missing much. And it’s a bugger to get to (keep thinking Blackpool and then think M6 J9!).

I must say it is becoming increasingly harder being a Pohm in this country. What with every aussie supporting every other team except England! The Rugby commentary on Channel 7 needs to be heard to be believed - you would think they were watching another match! Last night the Welsh were “glorious in defeat”, “a pleasure to watch” etc etc… and the English were “lucky” (though probably true!)

Er, what else? Went to the zoo the other day. Got to see some Wallabies close up as well as your usual fare of zoo like animals. As to living in the hostel, its taken a while to settle into it all - about the only thing I haven’t liked about being over here. When it comes to having a shower I’m not entirely sure it’s a good idea - think hair, hair and more hair. Yuck!

Glebe has a good range of pubs and shops though - backpackers get $3 pints at the Excelsior which is cool - except they keep running out of pint glasses! Made up for by the wonderful service if you get my drift! As for Kris and John?

Kris - when not working he’s either drunk or other things I wouldn’t like to mention.
John - loved up pretty much!

But they rarely talk to each other nowadays - yet another myth dispelled.

That’s about your lot for now - gunna go about Glebe I think and take some photos of this area - it has a beauty all of its own with the Sydney skyline in the distance - a striking contrast.

It’s been a week already - can you believe it?

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