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Sadly not able to be smug anymore as Sydney has been raining pretty much all weekend plus - luckily Cairns has never experienced rain I think, so still a chance for some sort of tan (or more likely third degree burns!).


What a match!!!! The biggest night in sport since 66 and I’m so glad I can say I was in Australia on this occasion. The tension was unbearable, and as an avid spectator of the English Footy team I was fully expecting it to go tits up. THANK-YOU JOHHNY!!!!

Get your shit stars of our flag, do da, do da
I shagged Matilda, I shagged Matilda and so did my mate!
Swing Low, …


Last night was probably the best night I’ve had here and not because of beer! This yank looking for a place to stay at 1am in the morning - from Georgia - southern america. Are you thinking in-breeding? Are you thinking racist? Are you thinking thick as pig shit?

Put it this way, he went away with the knowledge that lepricorns do exist, we use dollars in Scotland (the Scottish having one green arse cheek) and Christ knows what else he seemed willing to believe.

We went away being told that chess is a massive sport in the UK (chess boards on every street apparently) and that its okay to shag a horse (and your sister) - I swear I’m not joking.

Think of all those stereotypes - yep, your bang on (apologies Phil!) With a new guy Hutch joining us from Scotland - it was all very funny!!!


I am now blonde friends (well streaks) and it ay lookin too bad! (if I say so myself). With a freshly trimmed ghoatie - YEAH BABY! Well worth the 69 bucks.

So of to Cairns next stop on Wednesday - back to Syndey for a night of drinking (probably) then back home! Thing is its only now that I’m starting to feel right at home and getting to know everybody, but hey. Should come back with a few stories to tell - I’m sure I’m only a couple of hours away from streaking naked down Glebe Point Road - I can feel it in my bones! And I’ve been getting off lightly with the bets going around lately.

Tonight we having a BBQ (in the rain - it can only get postponed so many times with this weather) and also sees Ange’s last night - so a good excuse for a giant piss up. ‘Dangerous’ Dave has written the Monday night’s Quiz too which should be a laugh.

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