Why does it always rain on me?

Things are getting extremely weird round these parts. Anyway lets start from the top.

Got back from Cairns Sunday where I was for 4 days. That place was soooooo hot - Tropical North Queensland they call it - they are not wrong! At last signs of a tan!

It was a quick look see at the wonders of the area, so Friday saw me snorgling in the Barrier reef - not the best part of it (to be fair you wont find the best bits of reef around Cairns - I hear the The Whitsundays have the best) but due to time constraints had to make do with what I could afford and reach. But it was a fantastic experience none the less - a 2hr boat ride out to Green Island, and an ore inspiring view done under! Just swimming with these creatures in there natural environment - felt bit like a environmental pervert!!! That afternoon went onto Green Island itself - apparently a five star resort but more like some sort of Japanese mental institution! Saw some crocs in a museum they have there - a little one scared the shit out of me - jumping right at me (when I had my back turned too the liitle git!). I have now decided I hate crocodiles. They are bastards - pretend they are dead then wham!

Saturday saw me go up to Cape Tribulation - where the reef meets the rainforest. Again - just beautiful. I have some real nice photos from my time in this area. The tour was a little rushed - and some suspicion about the crocodile we saw on the Daintree River - apparently lying in exactly the same spot this guy Barry saw him the day before - plastic replica maybe? :-(

Sunday had some time before my flight back to enjoy the lagoon in the City - Cairns doesn’t actually have a beach but mud flaps, and if you swim in the sea its ‘stinger season’ - so not a good idea!

Anyway back in good old Sydney now and having left my coat in Cairns but brought back a stinking cold! What with flying and being stuffed up, I can currently only hear in one ear and its feeling slightly permanent - worrying.

Whilst I was up north, Sydney saw sunshine! Typical. It also saw Kris, Dodgy Dave and Matt dress up as women (you want to see the photos) for bad taste night but thats another story!

Of course I’m back now and its started raining again - so after Sunday with everyone saying “Stay, Stay!”, now I keep getting - “Go home Lloydy!”. I have brought the rain with me. I starting to think I’m cursed. Perhaps this Aboriginal guy I met in Cairns who asked me for $2 change for a bus - I lied and said I had none - blatenly did as I walked away with it rattling in my pocket has given it? Sounds plausible enough?

Hopefully wearing off as its brightening up a bit now. But come on Summer in Sydney and all I’m getting is pissing rain.

Anyway that’s your lot - Kris’s last night at Glebe - a bit like Armageddon - so sure to be a massive night tonight!

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