All Change!

It’s totally coincidence that a new version of this website comes about at a time when a lot of things are changing in my life.

The most obvious change has been finally having had enough of McDonald’s and having the balls to throw it all in and find a real job. Even better the fact that during my two week period of notice I managed to find a job working as a Web Designer at a company in Lichfield. It turned out that my first day at my new job was literally hours after finishing my final shift at Bescot.

That place was such a big part of my life - too big. After months of thought, and always coming to the same conclusion it became obvious there was only one single reason why I was willing to stay there, and ultimately it was not only the wrong reason, but a fruitless one too. However, whilst not missing the hassle and stress, I will miss the people - well most of them! To have made Mandy cry as a parting gift made it all the more sweeter - somebody needed to bring her back down to ground (although gravity had done most of the hard work!)

Time to move on.

Since starting ye olde 9 to 5, I have seemingly doubled the number of friends, social activities yet not sleep! What with Sarah’s birthday and then Stacy’s two Thursdays in a row, plus a weekend in Wales (see the photos), and of course Kung Fu, cinema, and trips to the Spoons, its been a tiring but very enjoyable few weeks. Long may it continue.


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