My intention for this post was to write about an irritating advert that is currently running on US TV right now.

Beforehand, I did a quick Google search so that I could link to the product in question. In doing so I found a number of blogs and discussion forums already talking about it and quickly realised that by adding myself to that number, I would be walking into an age old marketing trap.

I’m a firm believer that all bad ad campaigns are created because a.) they require little investment, b.) they require little thought yet c.) they generate the most interest. People talk about it in the office, or on blogs and online as seen here.

Little effort, huge reward.

I’m not sure it matters much that people may be talking about the product in a negative way either, the fact that are talking about it creates a familiarity and awareness of the brand/product.

This particular advert is excellent proof of this concept - essentially a few product shots shown to a soundtrack that consists of a reworded version of EMF’s Unbelievable - which I’m sure I’ve seen done numerous times before.

So in my continuing campaign to not reward ideas that lack imagination, I finish this entry without one link or reference to a product, that frankly, I could happily do without anyway.


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 Gravatar#1 On March 29, 2006 11:34 PM, Melvin said...

Is it an ipod advert?

 Gravatar#2 On March 30, 2006 6:44 AM, Paul said...

It isn't an iPod advert, and I can't imagine an iPod adevert using a song from how ever many years ago. iPod ads are all about new music and setting trends... I don't think EMF fit into this category sadly.

I should also note that you won't find this ad in the UK, so for my British audience, all guesses are probably null and void!

 Gravatar#3 On March 30, 2006 8:17 AM, Jon Roobottom said...

Thanks for that Paul, I see you're still getting your teeth into that oh-so-good US tv.

 Gravatar#4 On April 5, 2006 3:25 PM, Pete Dako said...

Here in Canada i'm pretty sure that "Unbelievable" was used in a women's hair product TV ad - not too irritating - regardless, TV ads aren't nearly as annoying to me as the ones in other places. That's why they invented the MUTE button...and The Movie Network. :)

 Gravatar#5 On June 14, 2006 12:54 PM, Ben Lloyd said...

One of my favourite US ads is the one i saw for CNN advertising their website. It tag line was

" - Now you only need 3 keys on your keyboard"

Now correct me if im wrong but CNN only requires 2 keys - the fools

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