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April 2002

Emmi's Birthday

What a pleasant change, actually doing something for a weekend. Went to some pub in the middle of nowhereYorkshire - a bit of a road-trip with Sarah, Pete, Sarah (Harding) and her bloke Limby (not sure on the spelling). Nice to see the home and mates of someone who you’ve been living with for near on a year, however I didn’t actually do much in the way of partying as I slept through most of the evening!


Me, Ross, Dave, Rik, Jon To celebrate Jon’s 21st me, Jon, Dave as well as Rik and Ross (Jon’s housemates from Huddesfield) went go-karting near Lichfield - a first for me but I loved it. Pity it was only for 30 minutes - just as I was getting into the flow it all came to an end.

Results: 1st: Dave, 2nd: Rik, 3rd: Ross. I came 4th and Jon… had a great day out!!!

About A Boy

About A Boy

So yet another Hugh Grant film, hot(ish) on the heels of Bridget Jones Diary, but this time we don’t see the classic Hugh Grant performance - that of floppy hair and slight nervousness, provides us with a far more convincing role.

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London Eye

Truly a great piece of British architecture that is strangely British backed which makes a change. I flew on a Sunday, which is probably best as I only queued for about 15 minutes. It cost £9.50 for the half-hour flight, but given the views and the rides excellent management I didn’t feel short changed.

I was surprised by the entirely different view of London you get. Not only does the capital look cleaner, but you also notice how green the City of Westminster is with its many parks. Compared to the City of London where hardly a blade of grass can be seen, it really is a tale of two cities.

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