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May 2003

It's a small, small world...

Fred Wednesday saw me, Kris and John spending a day at Manchester’s Trafford Center, watching me spend far to many dollars, before hooking up with Lee on the night in Wednesbury.

To my surprise who should I bump into but my Great Great Grandfather by means of his picture being on the wall (that looks remarkably similar to my dad!). Apparently, his name is Frederick Henry Lloyd, and he owned a steelworks in the town.

It really is a strange, yet comforting feeling, and makes this place seem even more like my home, which is good.

Old School

Old School

Not having heard of this film or even knowing of its release last year, I was persuaded to watch it on video - fully expecting a dud. I was also not familiar at the time of the cast, however this can sometimes be helpful as it adds an extra level of realism and is easier to except the actors as the characters they are portraying.

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The Matrix: Reloaded

The Matrix: Reloaded

The first instalment of the Matrix amazed me in so many ways - a visually stunning and innovative film set alongside an original and thought provoking story-line - and is regarded in this way by many others. It therefore goes without saying that any sequel was up against it, and this film had a lot of high expectations laboured upon it.

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