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September 2003


Went to the newly opened Bullring shopping center in Birmingham today, and I must say I was very impressed. To me, the city makes more sense now - like it’s finally been joined up.

Much thought has been given to the way in which it merges into New Street and High Street, and remaining sixties relics such as the Rotuna begin to look nice again. Furthermore, St. Martins Church is now in a far more aesthetically pleasing setting, and no longer hidden amongst a sprawling concrete mess.

England v Leichenstein

England playing at Old Trafford My first England game and what better place to watch it than at the theatre of dreams - Old Trafford. The first half was quite a dull affair with the fans cheering the flight of paper planes onto the pitch rather than the players.

The second half and two goals from Rooney and Owen in the first ten or so minutes and it was looking like the goals would start rushing in. They didn’t, but the result was good enough to mean only a draw is needed in Turkey.

2hrs 52mins - The Great North Run, ran

After arriving in a wet and cold Durham on the Saturday night (but to a warm north-east welcome) - things were not looking too good though for the Sunday. However the taxi-driver assured me that the bad weather was heading south.

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