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January 2004

Good chance of death this year

Thanks to Kris and his continuing post-oz depression, I seem to have been talked in to joining alongside his New Years Resolution of doing something adventurous/mildly dangerous (in other words - stupid) every month this year - starting February. First on the list is looking like abseiling in North Wales, but soon to be followed by white water rafting, parachute jumping and God knows what else! Should be fun though and help keep my mind of a few things.

Whose the (best) man!

Lee has asked me to be his best man for his wedding next year. So if Lindsay hasn’t had enough of him by that time, I’m thinking naked, in the middle of a field in Normandy.. yes - I mean France! It’ll sure be one hell of a stag night!


AimeĆ©, Stacy, Dan, Sarah and Jon As experiences go, this ‘re-union’ sure was one. Having not seen Stacy, AimeĆ© and Sarah for 5 years, conversation became very much limited to “How you been?” and “What you doing nowadays?” and not much else. Dan and Jon decided to ease the pain with much alcohol and got totally pissed, so in the end quite a funny old night!

A very interesting evening, making me realise just how much I’ve changed - and how much everyone else has too.

24 Carrott Gold

24 Carrott Gold I’ve been a fan of Jasper Carrott most of my life. Having grown up watching his shows that were a mainstay of 90’s television, I was looking forward to seeing Jasper live for the first time, during this series of shows for the people of his home town.

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