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January 2005

It's still the season of good will to all...

DEC Tsunami Earthquake Appeal

Update: Apple Store Birmingham

Doors of the new Apple Store in Birmingham Further to this post last year, and the announcement of a new Apple Store in Birmingham, today I saw the site of the new store in Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre.

It looks like quite a small store is planned which is a shame, but it does have a location just beyond the main entrance from New Street/High Street, so it least it will be highly visible.

This Flickr user has posted a far better photo!

Acoustic Night

As the weeks slowly become normal again, so it is that every other Sunday night, a group of amazingly talented people come together and perform a wide range of material - from covers to their own compositions - during an acoustic night held at the Boundary Hotel in Walsall.

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Opps, we did it again!

Mac mini Another MacWorld Expo, another slew of gifts from Apple. The new ‘Mac mini’ is just what the company has needed to have been selling for a long time, too long in fact. With this product (aimed squarely at the PC buying consumer) alongside the continued success of the iPod, Apple is slowly becoming a mass consumer brand.

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Rethinking Movable Type

Having read Doug Bowman’s thoughts regarding iPhoto/MT integration, I am of course compelled to think of the possibilities for my own site.

Thinking about it - albeit quickly and without much thought - it would make sense to not only publish my photos using this system, but also publish my (increasingly rare) reviews via MT.

Whilst it suddenly all makes sense, much tinkering and fiddling with Movable Type (that still outputs a blog with calendar problems) may in the end just put me off. But something to think about anyway.



Having seen a preview of Ray many months ago on the David Letterman show, I was keen to see this movie, even though I knew little about Ray Charles or his music. With my brother having already seen this movie 3 times already, and willing to see it a forth, I knew if I was to miss this film I would be seriously kicking myself.

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Released Monday…

U3 Album Cover

Includes the hit single “Stuck In A Car You Can’t Get Out Of”

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