Review: Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Austin Powers 2

‘If you watch one film this summer, watch Star Wars’ or so said the trailers for this, our second helping of Austin Powers.

Having seen The Phantom Menace, a film that in my opinion did not live up to the hype, if you did see only Star Wars you would have missed the best film of the summer.

I actually saw the somewhat cult film that was ‘Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery’. Although it was great, I think the follow-up is better still. By focusing this time a little more on the efforts of Dr. Evil made the film for those who had seen the first a little more interesting and ensured the film was not too repetitive.

Highlights of the film must include Dr. Evil on Jerry Springer, the random placing of red telephone boxes and signs pointing to the English countryside to give that authentic English feel to the movie (!) and Mini-Me - who performing “Just the two of us” alongside Dr. Evil is just fantastic.

This film is original even though its following where others have been before - that of ripping off the James Bond films and their format. It does this brilliantly and I cannot recommend this film highly enough. If you want a good laugh, you won’t be disappointed.

Film Details

Directed by:
Jay Roach
Mike Myers, Heather Graham, Verne Troyer
New Line Cinema

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Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

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