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Toy Story 2

Like the first movie, Toy Story 2 is a movie that you just want to see - you don’t know why but you just know that you have to see it.

One of the reason’s for seeing the first was that it was the first completely computer generated feature film. Since then however, computer generated feature films have improved significantly and Pixar could easily have made the characters, settings and especially the humans in Toy Story 2 look completely realistic.

However Pixar decided to keep what has become a Toy Story style and although the animation is better than in the first and the humans have been made slightly more believable, it’s still looks like a Toy Story movie.

The main theme of this movie, as in the first is friendship but also the idea that toy’s are primarily designed to be played with, and not to be collected - although this is an aspect of toy making that has increased during the 90’s.

The story-line revolves around a nasty toystore owner ‘Al’ that also collects toys. His most treasured collection is that of toys from a once popular 50’s puppet show whose star was Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks) - and is the only missing item from his collection. When he finds Woody at a garage sale at Andy’s house, he steals and repairs him before displaying him in a glass case. It’s here that Woody meets his ‘co-stars’ Jessie the cowgirl (Joan Cusack), his horse ‘Bullseye’ and the ‘Prospector’ (Kelsey Grammer). However, when Woody gets stolen, Buzz (Tim Allen) and the rest of Andy’s toys mount a campaign to rescue him.

Hilarious, interesting, touching in places and just plain great, Pixar and Disney (which is famous for it’s familiar straight-to-video sequels with the same story-lines but different characters) didn’t take the easy way out and produced what a sequel should be - a continuation of a previous story-line that introduces new ideas and adds to the first. Toy Story 2 does this brilliantly. However the best bit of the film is the out-takes that run during the credits!

Film Details

Directed by:
John Lasseter
Tom Hanks, Tim Allen

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Toy Story 2

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