Review: Cats & Dogs

Cats & Dogs

How bad can you make a film? Not much worse than this!

Firstly in didn’t help that my local cinema is crap, this time deciding to stretch the picture so that everybody looked twice as wide as they were high. But even this didn’t disguise the quality of the film. The first noticeable mistake was a change in aspect ratio between live footage and CGI segments meaning black “letterbox” bars appearing and disappearing.

As for the CGI and animatronics it was pretty lousy, and I have seen much, much better. But most surprising was the appearance of the sound boom several times and a red bone on a stick to get the animals looking in the right direction - amazing!! The only good point, the funny but unoriginal performance of Mr. Tinkles, and hardly enough to make up for everything else.

Film Details

Directed by:
Lawrence Guterman
Jeff Goldblum (v/o)
Warner Bros.

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Cats & Dogs

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