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My first big gig in ages so I was hardly gonna be disappointed, but still an event not to be missed - being told twice beforehand that the Feeder/Phonics line-up was well worth the ticket price.

Stereophonics Not a big fan of Feeder, knowing only their recent stuff, it would be hard for them to impress me, but from what I could make out they can rock. ‘Buck Rogers’ was the definite highlight of their short set: performing one of me personal fav songs of 2001 with out disappointment (well it got me jumping anyway!)

Now down to the really exciting stuff - Stereophonics, and talk about anticipation; the build up to them actually performing the first song ‘Mr. Writer’ seemed to last an eternity, but of course it was well worth the wait. I must add here that the stage set was the best I have ever seen, combining about nine multiple height projectors churning out some great (and innovative) graphics in the background with the usual lighting effects seen at these sort of gigs - fantastic!!

No surprise that set list included the new single ‘Handbags and Gladrags’, however this time it was dedicated to Kelly Jones Grandmother who sadly died at the age of 81 the day before ‘and she drunk every bloody day she lived!’ The performance included stuff from all three albums, but it was only the second time in three years apparently that they played ‘Same Size Feet’ - an old favourite.

It’s only when you get to see a band live that you can truly rate them. Stereophonics have often been criticised for being a bit shit live - bollocks! Kelly Jones can’t half sing, Stuart Cable can’t half bash those drums (and make silly faces) and Richard Jones can’t half play bass. When can I see them next?

Telewest Arena, Newcastle

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