Review: The Others

The Others

Pushed as perhaps one of the scariest movies of this year, I was ready to brace myself. It wasn’t long before I was thinking should I get myself comfortable and have a good snooze. Not that the film was boring, but it was a little drawn out in places. However it did keep you guessing.

Nicole Kidman has nothing to worry about in terms of her career, as she played her part brilliantly, but it did take a while to get used to the kids, especially the little girl. As for the supporting cast, Christopher Eccleston was as good as he needed to be, but not that he had much to do, and as for Eric Sykes - I didn’t even know he was still with us - but it was great to see him again.

A completely unexpected ending saved the film from what was becoming a little tiresome. This twist was really expertly put together, but again once it had reached it’s conclusion, the director didn’t seem to want to let it die.

Film Details

Directed by:
Ronny Yu
Nicole Kidman, Christopher Eccleston, Eric Sykes
Momentum Pictures

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The Others

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