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The Getaways

So the first Getaways gig of 2003 and the first gig I got to see since the bands name change. This time I also managed to catch the whole set (eight songs in total including a cover of Blondie’s ‘One Way Or Another’ which cost them £25 to perform!) and hear live their songs from the Demo ‘She’.

Over the years I have seen the band continually improve and their professionalism increase. However it is only now that the band are starting to achieve their own sound. This meant that doing a cover such as the Blondie track meant they could easily make it their own.

Also watching the performance - one Mr. Pete Williams who I met through Khuli last year. He only managed to catch the last three songs in the set but agreed that band perform well together and look complete. However we also talked about how hard it is these days it is to get a record deal and break the market and I’m starting to think that The Getaways may still have a little more work to do. With the bands commitment this may well be achievable.

The only downsides I found during the set was that I felt as if their was something missing (not having the familiarity of the new songs didn’t help) and still feel that the bands stage presence could improve - but compared to the act that followed though (Gravel) showed that you can go too far!


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The Getaways
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