Lloydy's big northern trip!

Two days up north.

26th June 2003 - Manchester then Carlisle

Pop Idol Foolery

Having got up at 5:15am, I approached Manchester at about 7:45 with plenty of time to spare. However, an accident on the motor-way and then getting completely lost (due to poor directions and an unreadable map) meant time was running out.

It soon became evident that me making a tit of myself on the telly was not meant to be when after finding somewhere to park, I then preceded to lock myself out of my car!! In fact, this was a day that I should stayed in bed.

After finally sorting out my car, A wonder around the city only saw me get hoodwinked into giving £60 a year to NCH - although a worthwhile cause. Nearly getting run over by a bus, and not realising (until it was too late) that I was walking around with a massive black mark on my face and there was no doubt in my mind this had become a disaster!

Carlisle: Better to visit when you don’t have too!

Carlisle was sunny? Stayed round Simon and Sarah’s new place - and very nice it is too. The day got worse upon seeing Sarah’s new Clio - exactly the same as mine but cleaner, more reliable, (not white) and £1200 cheaper - not good. The night was spent at the Circle Bar and Robertson’s - two new clubs amongst the many other new attractions Carlisle has seemingly gained since I left. I’m not happy! Needless to say the Vodka Red Bulls did a fine job of keeping me awake that night!

27th June 2003 - CIA’s Final Show

I didn’t think I’d say this but I was impressed - a lot of very good work on show this year and far better than lasts. A chance to see a few familiar faces - including Dave Ashton - now a fully qualified arse wipe, Di Canio, Dave Chapel, Johnny, Pete… and yet also managed to avoid Sandy! This was then followed with a meal with Sarah, Simon and his parents - a free meal and so a big thanks to them!

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