A Small Southern Adventure

A few days spent down south.

5th August - Goodbye

Dropped John and Kris of at Heathrow, rather them than me cos that queue they joined looked very long indeed…!

6th August - Horley Revisited

Spent the day walking around Horley, where I lived up until the age of 12 - and I am not joking, everything seemed so much smaller. Going back was like a big bag of mad stuff! Weird. Sadly the old place has gone downhill since I left (to be expected I guess!!), overgrown unkempt and slowly becoming a mini version of Walsall - a fair amount of scum was spotted!

Went to Pizza Express in Worchester Park that evening with my Auntie and Charles, very nice it was too. Sadly could not find any info on old Fred (below), but my Aunt has found some previous work undertaken by my late Gran on the Lloyd family, so hopefully I should be able to use this as a starting point for finding out how Mr F.H Lloyd is related to me.

7th August - HOT!

Brighton was HOT! Spent the day in Brighton and actually got myself a tan at last. It was seriously scorching down there - and I loved it. Its only a shame I had no trunks, because I so wanted to swim in that ice cold sea!

From Brighton I then moved onto St. Albans to visit Ellen. Her place is small but very nice, as is the city. Is it purely coincidence that St. Albans seems to be mainly pubs? Was good to catch up, but all this visiting of friends that are ‘living the dream’ (Sarah and Simon for example) makes my feel old.

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