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The Football Business In 2002 I was deciding on a topic for which my Final Major Project was to revolve around. At this time ITV Digital was going into administration - largely due to paying over the odds for Football League rights, and people were starting to question players increasing wages. I brought this book to give me a greater understanding of football’s increasing commercialism, and its background.

Starting with case studies from teams such as Spurs, Man United, Newcastle (or the ‘Barcode Army’) and of course Blackburn who literally ‘brought’ the Premiership title, it doesn’t take you long to realise that calling football ‘the beautiful game’ is not an accurate description.

The book goes on to explain the Hillsborough disaster, the ongoing feuding between the FA and the Football league that has only one result - the destruction of the game, and of course Murdoch’s Sky.

Jimmy McGovern is quoted as saying: “If you want to read about a national scandal, one that the British press has largely ignored, go out and buy this brilliant book right now”

I’m not a massive football fan but I was really interested by the topics and concerns raised in this book. If you’re a fan - read this book. But your going to feel very sick afterwards.

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David Conn
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Mainstream Publishing
204 pages

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The Football Business

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