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August 2004

You can't always get what you want

Now I have a slightly greater income (yet still many outstanding debts) my mind is busy creating a shopping list.

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Have you heard about those massive baths?

Dave Another night down Lichfield - I guess you could argue to celebrate Kris’ birthday except nobody knew! Thanks to Sarah and Aimeé for visiting the site, notice how I’m deliberately mentioning you so I can’t be accused of writing about people you don’t know!

A really good night - these mid-week meetings in the cathedral city always seem to be. Made even better by being constantly complemented by Aimeé - an experience in itself!

It's my birthday!!!!

Cheers to everyone who came out Friday night (Wednesbury) and Saturday night (Lichfield) to celebrate my 24th birthday. Friday night was a bit crap frankly, considering it was essentially highjacked by Rob. Lichfield was far more enjoyable, especially seeing all those old school photos round Aimeé’s afterwards - if I wasn’t feeling old enough already!

Special Opps

Sunday night and three generations of ‘Opps’ managers - me, Kris, and Lee - descended on McDonald’s Bescot on with one sole aim, to get Mandy very wet! Each of us armed with a high capacity water pistol, at 00:35 hours it was mission accomplished…. and a lot of fun too!

Yet another night out in Lichfield

Went out in Lichfield Friday night blah, blah, etc, etc,

Kris Lee Jon and Stacy We found Lee's shoe

The last image is confirmation that we found Lee’s shoe at sometime nearing 3am, about half an hour after I threw it out the car window in a fit of spontaneity.

It seemed funny at the time.

Lee signs for Walsall, Kris buys hotel

Lee and Paul Merson Hotel Benbow

Bank Holiday weekend was spent in Torbay, and according to these pictures quite eventful… surely not?

Shades of 1984

iMac G5 Apple today announced it’s 3rd generation iMac. Keeping to the all-in-one form factor, this revision sees the LCD screen mounted alongside the G5 powered CPU and other hardware, mounted on one leg - reminiscent of the recently released Apple Cinema displays.

I can’t help but notice similarities to the original Macintosh of 1984 - well from the front, certainly not from it’s 2” side!

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