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September 2004

Ride on

Yesterday I finally got a replacement for my old Raleigh Activator mountain bike - and quite and upgrade too. Check it’s page on the Marin site for it’s specification.

Practically had to re-mortgage a house to buy it, but hopefully worth it in the long ride.


As the nights draw in, and the hot summer days fade into distant memory (the last hot summer day being August 2003) I’ve suddenly realised that this is my favourite time of year. It’s taken me this long to work it out, but something about the cold fresh air, the smell of the central heating (decent films appearing at the cinemas). It’s nice don’t you think?

Unmovable Headache

As you may have noticed my new blog continues to become more refined as I understand more fully the system that builds it - Movable Type. However it must be said that, although very flexible, this amount of ‘movement’ can be a right pain in the behind. So far I have had problems with file permissions, calendar tags and category archive pages and I’m sure there will be more glitches to add to this list.

I’m sure the solutions are out there, I’ve found some of them, yet sadly none from within the systems hefty documentation.


This weekend has, more than any other weekend, seen me glued to this 17” display. Whilst Saturday was pretty wasted in respect that it was fine tuning this blog (and due to Movable Types shortcomings, very slowly and painfully), Sunday has seen me get my system sorted so I can finally preview my increasing number of dynamic sites locally.

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My Contribution

Get Firefox!

As Mozilla’s Firefox quickly approaches 1.0, there’s a campaign currently running to spread the word. A simple task you would think, when this browser blocks pop-ups, spy-ware and other malicious software. And these features are not recent additions, they are at the core of the application. With it’s Ad-Block extension, allowing you to browse sites without having to see a single banner add (be it an image or flash), it’s also totally standards compliant - which may upset the standards slackers at OrangeVision, but makes the web far easier to design for.

Do yourself a favour and at least give it a go - I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Great, Great North Run

Yet again I felt the force of insanity and ran the 24th BUPA Great North Run, from Newcastle to South Shields on Sunday. This year I decided upon a strategy for running the race (2 miles running/1 mile off) and together with a cool breeze and a following wind, I felt quite comfortable with the race not seeming to drag on as much as it did the previous year.

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