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November 2004

Set your sites on these...

Time for a little update on some recent websites I’ve been involved with me thinks…

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We're all doomed…

With Bush re-elected, we can now look forward to another 4-years of an idiot leading the free world. So that’s a war in Iran and further global ignorance (be it environmental or political), but hey, at least we get four more years of great comedy.

Merry Christmas from Morrisons

Come on guys, seriously. It’s November the 9th?

Bath/Bristol Mini Reunion

After arriving in Bristol on the Friday night at a Halls of Residence, the first upset of the weekend:

…all the nurses are in the other Halls, it’s just me and Jen in this block…


Where as I was a little disappointed, it could be said that Kris saw this as a challenge. After a days ‘ard grafting, and a 2 hour drive down the M5, sleep was pretty much the only thing on my mind, and once I had managed to swallow enough of Ange’s unwanted foot scrapings, that was Friday.

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Back to Bedlam

It’s only April, but I think I have already found the musical highlight of 2005, in the shape of ‘Back to Bedlam’, from James Blunt.

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Do They Know It's Christmas

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