Bath/Bristol Mini Reunion

After arriving in Bristol on the Friday night at a Halls of Residence, the first upset of the weekend:

…all the nurses are in the other Halls, it’s just me and Jen in this block…


Where as I was a little disappointed, it could be said that Kris saw this as a challenge. After a days ‘ard grafting, and a 2 hour drive down the M5, sleep was pretty much the only thing on my mind, and once I had managed to swallow enough of Ange’s unwanted foot scrapings, that was Friday.

Saturday: Bath

The plan for the Saturday was to get a taxi/train to Bath, watch the Rugby and have a few drinks. The taxi didn’t come so I suggested I drive instead, with a stop of at a Burger King for breakfast. For me, this could easily have been the highlight of the trip! During this visit, I found an item of wall decoration quite humorous, and so did everyone else but for different reasons - I was standing in the middle of a Burger King shouting:

…there’s gissam on this poster!


Upon arriving in Bath, we discovered that it has only one car park, and seemingly everyone in Avon and Somerset uses it. By the time we parked 5 miles out of town, and found the Rugby, it was nearly half way through the match. A subtle but effective plan perhaps from Mike (whose idea it was) who pointed us into the direction of a bar as an alternative (with a Kiwi on hand for the Duck/bread jokes). Nick and Charlie had already been lured there, and Dangerous Dave (Dange) joined us a little later, after a secret mission somewhere in the region:

Hi, it’s Dangerous… I’m being shot at!!!


A pub crawl followed, as well as a meal in a pub before heading back to Bristol.

Saturday Night: Bristol

With a minibus arriving at nine there were a few hours to kill, and so what better time for a good ‘ol round of I Have Never™. I feel I can’t divulge any further information that was released during this period a.) for reasons of embarrassing Mikey and b.) so as not to spoil any future games. Mike - start drinking!

The night ended in the Walkabout bar, with many a fine Aussie ale available - but no Stanley - so not totaly authentic. With Nick trying to convince everyone he could dance, and Mikey practising standing up, I actually managed to drink much alcohol without it having the usual effect of me wanting to go home (a testament to the people I was with). As for Kris, he achieved the seemingly impossible - entering a very beautiful part of Wales, yet without crossing the border, and for him the whole nurses/Bristol aspect of the weekend was a success!

It was one ell of a weekend - short but very sweet. For those of you that couldn’t make it, and are looking forward to the official reunion in December - if it’s only half as good as this then it will be one fantastic end to 2004.

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