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August 2006

Welcome to wherever you are

In little over 8 weeks time (and pending a successful visa interview) I will be heading back to the United States, in a move which could almost be described as permanent (although I would prefer to think of it more as just for the immediate future). It will come as no surprise then, that as the departure date creeps ever closer, the enormity of such a move is very much at the forefront of my mind.

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A Weekend in 'LA'

Deck-chairs on Littlehampton Beach

This last weekend me, Ellen, Nash, Hannah and Charis joined Jon on a visit south to Littlehampton where we spent two days with his girlfriend Katie and her mates, at a house she was looking after.

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A couple of days ago I turned 26 (yes that’s right, yet another belated blog entry).

Unlike previous birthdays, 26 seems to have grabbed me as a major milestone. The jump from 25 to 26 seems much larger than the one year increase would have you believe. Part of this may be my current situation (are you noting a theme running through my entries of late…?), and partly as I am now on the wrong side of 20, and approaching 30 fast!

Something Jon said to me a couple of weeks ago has festered in my mind the last couple of days. He said that we grow up most between the ages of 16 and 26. When I look back at all I have learnt, accomplished and gained during this time, I can see why.

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