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September 2006

The last six months…

…have been hell. If it wasn’t for the three months I spent in Palo Alto at the beginning of the year (and hopefully the final three months of this when I’m back there), this year could be considered a complete write-off.

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Running Kind

Unfortunately, and unlike the previous three years, I will not be participating in this years Great North Run. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before I again take on the gruelling challenge that is running from Newcastle to South Shields. Although it is painful, it is always a great deal of fun.

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The One to Watch

One of the new BBC One idents

I have a confession to make. Since childhood, I have been a closet fan of television idents (the bits of video that appear whilst a program is being announced). Back in the early nineties, when a channel got a new set of idents, it was a big deal, with all the press reporting on them and casting their opinions. Of course back then, there were only four channels.

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