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Clive Owen in Children of Men

When I get forced to see movies that I’m not particularly keen on seeing (X-Men, Appocoloypto, Ray) I usually end up enjoying these the most. Children of Men - a vision of the not too distant future (2027 to be precise) where the human race is no longer able to reproduce - is one of those films. Whilst I liked the look of the trailer, I’m not a great fan of Clive Owen who plays the leading role in this film, and imagined that this would be a pretty average affair.

Instead I was immediately blown away - literally. In the first scene we follow Owen’s character (Theodore Faron) leave work, walk through an almost apocalyptic London high street, go into a cafe and grab a coffee. In the background we hear about the death of the worlds youngest human, 18 year old ‘Baby Diego’. As Theodore leaves the cafe, it suddenly and shockingly gets blown up. This was one of many scenes in which the action almost leaves the boundaries of the screen, enters the cinema, before taking you along with it.

I have a number of reasons why I enjoyed this film - the surprising exit mid way through the film of a character we believe is central to the plot, another excellent performance from Michael Caine, an intriguing and interesting plot and the comic moments played against the depressing image of what the world could be like in just twenty years time.

What I really enjoyed however was the attention to detail, that made this vision of the future play like it had already happened. It was like watching a film set in the past, in which you recognise it’s place in time because of the clothing, the surroundings (cars, posters, logos) and cultural references. So much attention was paid in this film to such details (my favourite being Clive Owen wearing a fleece from the London 2012 Olympic Games) that it felt totally believable, and never did this vision feel like it was being over played.

A true master piece, and easily my favourite film of 2006.


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 Gravatar#1 On December 24, 2006 3:47 PM, trovster said...

Yes, I was impressed with this movie. The story was original, well-acted, casted and shot. I was especially impressed with the fair-brief action/military scene towards the end of the movie. I was ducking'n'diving outta the way of the bullets. Amazing film-making. The end is good, too.

 Gravatar#2 On January 2, 2007 3:32 AM, Mark said...

Well I've seen the trailer and thought it looked crap. Now I actually fancy watching it.

 Gravatar#3 On January 9, 2007 5:39 PM, Miles Green said...

Im pretty sure you missed the point of the entire movie.

Abortions make human life a disposable thing. Children of Men points out the extreme value of human life and why it should never be thrown away.

The scene where Clive and the girl are walking out of the building being attacked near the end, both sides stop fighting to marvel at the miracle of life.

This is the point! Life is not disposable and should never be thrown away.

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