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November 2001

The Others

The Others

Pushed as perhaps one of the scariest movies of this year, I was ready to brace myself. It wasn’t long before I was thinking should I get myself comfortable and have a good snooze. Not that the film was boring, but it was a little drawn out in places. However it did keep you guessing.

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Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc.

Revolving around the lives of the employees at Monsters Inc. who wait behind your bedroom closet, and use children’s screams to power their city. Certainly entertaining, but I left the cinema feeling a little underwhelmed. Good job the ‘B’ movie ‘Birds’ (Pixar always have one of these, and they’re always class) made the trip worthwhile.


My first big gig in ages so I was hardly gonna be disappointed, but still an event not to be missed - being told twice beforehand that the Feeder/Phonics line-up was well worth the ticket price.

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