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February 2006

Living in America

Just a quick post to let you all know I’m safe and well in hot and sunny California!

Yesterday I settled into what will be home for the next three months (photos to follow soon) before visiting the local supermarket to stock up with food. This was ‘Whole Foods’, a superstore famed for it’s moral values, so nearly everything I brought there was organic - but without the prices you would associate with that in the UK.

I will have something more insightful and though-tout to say in the next week or so no doubt, but needless to say, all comments and e-mails are very much welcomed. Hopefully time permitting I can reward you all with many photos of Palo Alto and San Francisco, and perhaps even a podcast or two. This all depends on how long I have to wait to get my hand on a lovely new MacBookPro of course!

That Ning Thing

The new Ning homepage

Last week saw the long awaited launch of a redesigned Ning. This is a project I have been involved with since November last year, so to finally have it out there in the wild is an achievement both I and the whole team at Ning are extremely proud of.

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Observations from across the pond

A list of things I’ve noticed whilst living in the States. I will no doubt update this list throughout the coming weeks and months…

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Announcing my 2006 Charity Running Programme

As summer fast approaches, it’s time to kick of the fund raising efforts for the two charity running events I’ve signed up for this year. 2006 is a little different from previous years in that I won’t be running the Great North Run. Hopefully running at a number of smaller events instead, will still give me the opportunity to raise lots of money for charity!

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