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March 2006

Paul's blog still 1.0

Reasons why may not make the flight back home.

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Attack of the Clones

Finnish Clones

So there I was passively watching a special edition of the Conan O’Brian show in which he visits Finland. During his visit he was a guest on some television shows, and one immediately caught my eye - Lauantai-illan HUUMAA!! (Saturday Night FEVER!).

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Such Great Heights

So here I am, sitting at home in California, typing away a quick blog post on my new 2.16GHz MacBook Pro.

Can life get any better than this - really? :-)

War on Peace

War demo in Palo Alto

At an anti (Iraq) war demo in Palo Alto:

Thanks for your support sir! All the best to you and your children!
I don’t have any children…
Demonstrator (walking away)
Son of a bitch!
Second Bystander
Hey, watch your language!
Demonstrator (aggressive)
What did you say?
Second Bystander
There was no call for that…

…and before the fight begins the police step in!

And you wonder why the US has trouble ‘liberating’ Iraq.

These Old Shoes

My old trainers

I can’t help but feel that this blog is getting a little self-involved. So instead I want to talk not about me, but a pair of old trainers, that after 3 years of loyal service are going into retirement.

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My intention for this post was to write about an irritating advert that is currently running on US TV right now.

Beforehand, I did a quick Google search so that I could link to the product in question. In doing so I found a number of blogs and discussion forums already talking about it and quickly realised that by adding myself to that number, I would be walking into an age old marketing trap.

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