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March 2007

Welcome to the neighbourhood

Warehouse Boat

So yesterday I finally moved into my new apartment in the Potrero Hill district of San Francisco. In the morning I went on a walk on and around nearby Third Street, and thanks to my new flatmate Tom whose camera I borrowed, I think I managed to capture just some of the inspiring scenery to be found here. In fact I’ve only just scratched the surface, as this place is full of photo opportunities.

See my ‘Welcome to the neighbourhood’ photoset on Flickr

I also just found a nifty little shortcut in iPhoto, that allows you to quickly and easily play around with a photos colour balance. It works by just apple-clicking on any portion of an image - suddenly I feel like I can have some more fun with my photos!

Anyway, I think this change of scenery is really starting to get my creative juices flowing again, and hopefully it’s starting to show!

Time for a Reboot

It’s late Sunday evening, and I’ve just been for a brief walk around the neighbourhood.

This wasn’t however with the intent of checking out the area a little more (although I did find a nice coffee house called Farley’s on 18th). It was more because as I close out this week, I need to think over a few issues that are starting to stir in my mind - it’s time for another mental reboot.

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Falling in Love with Austin

Just a quick post (at 4:45am CDT) as I’m feeling a little guilty that I’m behind on my blog posting (plus I can’t sleep due to anxiety about this evenings 20×2 performance).

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If SXSW made beer, it would probably be the best beer in the world

Before leaving for the airport, I sat in an isolated part of the Convention Center and felt a huge part of me not wanting to leave. I have been to a few conferences now, but SXSW is a stand out favourite.

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What If... The Result

So, on Monday evening I took the plunge and made my debut speaking engagement at the 20×2 event at SXSW. Luckily, it all came together at the last minute (and I mean last minute) and wasn’t too embarrassing. For those that weren’t there, here it is:

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Finally, A Ning To Be Proud Of

Ning At last, I’m able to grab a spare few minutes and get round to talking about the all new Ning that we launched almost three weeks ago. In that time, I have heard lots of positive feedback from people at SXSW, and the ever increasing collection of reviews and reactions you can find online. However I want to talk a little about the project from a more personal perspective.

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Big Words

Steve McClaren

So I’ve just checked the BBC Sport website, and once again I read about another dismal performance from the England team (Israel 0-0 England).

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